Seth kept his head down and stared at the toes of his shoes, afraid to glance around the confines of the back of the transport van. He tried to keep up a mask of boredom, if only to keep his unease from showing. Acting was something he'd never practiced or been interested in, however, so he had no idea if he was managing to pull it off or failing miserably.

With each bump in the road they hit the entire back of the van shook, the metal interior clattering with a horribly loud crash and jostling him and his fellow travelers around. The van had no windows, at least not in the back, while benches lined each side. Their only source of light was a light fixture in the ceiling.

While it could simply have been a side effect of the current situation, being locked inside the back of a van with two total strangers who weren't exactly exemplary citizens could be somewhat intimidating, he hadn't so much as dared to look the others in the eye.

A single glance at the man sitting to his left had satisfied his curiosity, as his eye level only came up to the man's shoulders and his biceps were nearly as large around as Seth's head. His hands were clenched in fists, his chin resting on one while the other dangled loosely by his side. And that was all he'd dared to observe.

The boy sitting across from them was a bit more of an enigma. The boy couldn't have been more than 14, with messy blond hair that fell in his eyes. The boy just stared at a certain spot of wall for a few minutes before apparently growing tired of it and staring at another spot. Some kind of primal alarm in the back of Seth's head was telling him that while the bear sitting beside him may have had strength on its side, it was this quiet boy that would be more likely to cause him trouble.

With the lack of windows, Seth couldn't accurately estimate how long they'd been on the road, but it had to have been hours. He nearly reached for his phone out of reflex before remembering it wasn't there. He'd had to give it up before he'd gotten in the van, and while it would be quite a rare sight to ever see him actually use the device for its intended purpose, it did make for a pretty reliable clock.

Not paying attention, he was startled when the large man gave a deep, beastly snort. The boy across from them didn't even seem to notice, simply continuing to stare off into space. It wasn't for another few seconds that Seth would notice that the man had fallen asleep and was, in fact, snoring.

If Seth hadn't been so tense he may well have followed his lead, but as it was he decided to take the opportunity to finally get a good look at the guy.

Though he hadn't really held any expectations, for some reason it still came as a slight surprise to see that the guy looked average enough. Brown hair, crew cut, nothing special save for a small scar on the side of his face. He could have walked past this guy a hundred times and not noticed. Perhaps he'd been a little more judgmental than need be.

He sparred the briefest of glances towards the boy only to find him still much more interested in the metal of the ceiling of the van than anything else. What was going through this boy's head was anyone's guess, and Seth had to concede that maybe some of his innate fear of the boy was because of this odd behavior.

Ironically, it was as soon as he'd stopped wondering how much longer they were going to have to sit there and turned his attention to his fellow passengers that the van came to a smooth stop. A flurry of activity could be heard outside, a handful of different footsteps running up to the back doors of the van.

The doors at the back of the van were thrown open, waking the sleeping man with a start.

"Mr. Davis," the guards called, singling in on the guy, a red fist mark imprinted on his face. Like a well oiled machine they dragged him out with a practiced ease.

Seth got a chance to look the guards over as the next set walked up to the doors. They all had a small holster on their hip that made an odd tingle crawl up his spine. All he could see was a black handle peeking out through a strap, fastened tight with a silver button, but he didn't think it was a gun holster. Then again, what did he know? It's not like he was some kind of expert. About all he could say without a doubt was that it was a weapon of some kind.

The guards making quick work of them, he was pulled out a moment later, two guards instantly taking up position on either side and guiding him forward. In a strange sort of way, he enjoyed it. It made him feel like he was important. Special. Like some kind of celebrity or royalty. Of course, they were much more interested in preventing him from running away than keeping the paparazzi at bay.

He got a quick look around the place, seeing mostly only concrete pillars and walls. The place reminded him of a combination parking garage and cave.

Directly in front of them was a large steel door set in the concrete wall like a gigantic vault. They waited a moment for the blond haired boy to catch up to them, and then without any kind of signal or visible sensor, the door began to slide open with a horrendous grown.

The guard to Seth's right nudged him forward even as the door was still swinging open. Before he could even take a single step, his entire world was suddenly plunged into darkness. He shouted in fear as the rough material was pulled down tight over his head. In his panic he forgot that he was still handcuffed and tried to reach up to pull the blindfold off of him, with little success.

With a boom that reverberated through his very bones, the steel door finally came to a stop, and he was nudged forward until he started walking. He nearly tripped over his own feet at one point when the guard nudged him once more to get him to move faster.

He walked on blindly, directed by a hand on his shoulder and a sharp spoken command. After several minutes the guard finally commanded him to stop, the grip on his shoulder tightening to a painful degree.

All around him he could hear people moving and talking, though he couldn't make much of anything out. The guard still held him in place, even as an unseen figure walked towards him.

"This is going to sting a little", a voice somewhere off to his right started. "But believe me, it's much better than the alternative."

Catching on to what was happening he debated the merits of resisting, but blindfolded and shackled as he was, felt he would only be delaying the inevitable. His decision was quickly made pointless as the person he could only assume was some kind of doctor uttered a quiet order to someone he hadn't noticed.

A pair of strong hands suddenly held his right arm out, his restraints forcing his left arm to contort at an uncomfortable angle. A needle pierced his skin, the medication going to work quickly. Without warning, his knees buckled, the guard and other unseen assistant taking all of his weight as his consciousness drifted further away. The last thing he remembered hearing was the numbers twelve and sixteen, though what they meant or if they had even actually been spoken at all he couldn't be certain.

The End

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