chapter 7

they arrived at the lake, hand in hand. both nervously thinking of something to say, but nothing except the thoughts of the short but wonderful moments they had spent together crossed there minds. being a warm sunny day, Joseph pointed over to some shade and asked Lexi, do you want to sit over there?? i don't mind she quickly replied. 

 Lexi sat down in the shade looking out at the lake, Joseph then joined her sitting behind her and placing his arms around her waist and resting them on her stomach just as Lexi had dreamed of. Lexi's smell poisoned the air Joseph had once breathed in, but her smell made a new air a fresh air 100 times better than any air Joseph had ever tasted. He suddenly wished he could keep some in a air to breath in when ever he felt like he needed to smile, because every scent was like a warm hug in his heart. instead he hoped the smell would stain his clothes and never wash out. 

Lexi suddenly placed her hands on his and smiled and then Joseph planted a soft kiss on her cheek which suddenly turned red with shyness. soo...?? Joseph said nervously tying to create some conversation. hey, aren't you good at art lexi said remembering when they first properly met in the art room. maybe you should try draw me sometime?? erm .. well replied  Joseph reaching for his school bag, i already have. ohh, wow could i take a look?? asked Lexi whilst blushing. Joseph opened his school bag knowing he couldn't say no to such an innocent, beautiful girl but did it slowly as he was worried she wouldn't like his drawing for her.

he took the drawing from his bag placed it into her hands. it's not finished yet and it's not very good because i did from memory of you he said laughing sarcastically but innocently, when i finish it you can keep it. It's perfect she replied, almost as perfect as you. 

The End

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