chapter 6

"Of course I was going to turn up! Did you really think I was that harsh?" Lexie blushed and looked pained by the surprise in Joseph's voice.

"No but I just figured that...." Joseph stopped mid-sentence due to shock. He wasn't expecting her to turn up, let alone be so shocked about it. 

"Just figured what Joe?" Lexie was looking straight into Joseph's eyes. He blushed yet again and looked at the floor. He didn't want to answer that question straight away as he was pretty sure whatever he said would make him look like a total idiot. He took a deep breath in and got the words together to say:
"I just figured you wouldn't want to be seen dead with someone like me."
Lexie laughed, took Joseph's hand and walked away. Joseph stopped everything in his mind, Lexie's smell intoxicated him. To him, the smell of her was like all of his favourite smells together and more. She smelled so sweet and innocent, and in his eyes that matched his opinion of her.

Lexie looked back at school, as what she saw as a sort of prison. She also saw the girls who usually slated everything she did, and grinned when they realised she was with Joseph. He wasn't popular at all, yet people were starting to notice him. As she turned back around, Joseph caught a glimpse of that perfect smile and he almost fainted. He wanted to see that smile all the time.

"Joe, what exactly are we going to do?"
"Well, I was thinking we could go to the lake and just hang out for a while. Just you and me." Joseph smiled timidly at Lexie, who bore another perfect grin.  

The End

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