chapter 5

Joseph had made sure he finished his work early so he could get to the meeting place before Lexie. In fact, he did his work so quickly he was let out 15 minutes early. He knew she would be as nervous as him and that there was a small chance she would think the whole thing was a joke, so he decided to wait no more than 10 minutes. He reached the building he’d arranged to meet her at and could already smell her presence in the air, and as nervous as he was he had a good feeling about it.

He had been there for a short time and already seconds started to feel like minutes, and minutes stretched out to feel like hours, checking his watch became a frequent thing; but he struggled to steady his hand and read the time. 2:55. she would be here any minute, his shaking got worse and he was now breathing heavier and heavier, his heart racing. A bead of sweat dripped down the side of his face and fell to the ground. Words and sentences were jamming up his thoughts as he tried to think of something to say, each one would become irrelevant when the time came to use it.
At the first sign of someone leaving through the gates his feelings for her got stronger and now he was almost certain that she would turn up. His nervous expression turned into a grin, his shaking turned into a shiver- adrenalin pumped through his blood making him confident. The sound of the bell rang through his ears, telling him it was the end of the day. The bell which usually made him happy because it told him it was the end of the day this time gave him a sense of pleasure.

Finally, he spotted her in the distance, he could tell it was her by the way she walks and how she always has six perfect stripes on her tie. He began to get nervous again and hid behind a wall so he didnt have to look at her perfect face. He counted the steps it would take for her to reach the gates so he knew when she would reach them. She got to the gate and he froze and looked away, as if to show he didn't know she was there. Lexie looked around for a moment expecting him not to be there, she then noticed the back of his head and his bag. She wandered over worryingly, but at the same time had a smile on her face and then lightly tapped him on the shoulder, "Hey!" she said in her cute, child like voice. "Wow" replied joseph finding a sense of courage from within, "I didn't think you would actually come".

The End

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