chapter 4

Lexie had managed to get through the whole of the lesson without embarrassing herself in front of Joseph, and still hadn't discovered the note he'd left her. As she tried to stare at the board, she felt her eyes trying to wonder to get another glimpse of perfection. She had trouble breathing and felt like she was going to be sick. As the end of the lesson approached, Joseph got more and more edgy until he was finding it difficult to actually sit still. Before the two of them realised it was the end of the lesson, Lexie was finding herself having to concentrate extremely hard on the board. Joseph however, was trying his hardest to stare at his paper, watching Lexie's out of the corner of his eye.
Joseph left the class without any hesitation, in desparation to get out of the stuffy building and get some fresh air. Lexie was just putting her stuff away when she found a note written in perfect handwriting reading:
"Dear Lexie,
I know I'm probably taking a stab in the dark asking this, but I would like to walk you home tonight. You don't need to say yes or feel like you do, but if you do; meet me outside the building at the end of the day.
From Joe.
P.S. You looked really pretty today

Lexie stared at this note several times with a grin on her face. She thought to herself, "Why on earth would he want to walk me home?!"
However, she realised she needed to leave the room ASAP. The teacher was getting crabby at her as she'd still not left. She grabbed her bag and left, knowing that she wanted the day to go as fast as possible so she could walk home with Joseph. Luckily for her, all she had left of the day was media. The one thing she knew she had a flair for. She took one last look at the note from Joseph, and put it in her pocket where she knew she wouldn't lose it. Lexie then felt as if she could almost fly as she walked towards media, and knew that today was without a doubt going to drag on.

While in media, Lexie physically couldn't take her mind off of Joseph and just why he wanted to walk her home again. The train journey when she met him was a shock but finding out that he attended the same place as her and wanted to walk her home was definitely something else. She sighed as she saw the time, only 10 minutes had passed. She patted her pocket, and smiled. Her thoughts then trailed off to Joseph, and all she could picture was his gorgeous eyes and how they glittered when he said hey to her earlier that day. She lost all thought on her media work, which was brainstorming for a script for a teen drama. All she could come up with was a typical  teen horror, where everyone minus one blonde virgin got killed, most probably by a friend of the group. She then looked at the clock and much to her surprise it was the end of the day. Taking her laptop and everything else with her, she almost ran to where Joseph said he'd meet her- knowing full well that he'd be walking her home tonight. Her day had literally been filled of thoughts of Joseph and how badly she wished she wasn't so shy.

The End

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