chapter 3


It was the very next day that they would meet for a second time; however they didn’t know it yet. Their school did special religious studies days once a year, and Joseph and Lexie had been chosen for the same group. Joseph turned up late, due to the lack of sleep he had since gazing into her hazel brown eyes. He wandered in through the prison like gates with a tired grin on his face; little did he know the surprise in store for him.

Back in the class they had been asked to go in pairs, being an odd number of students in the class, Lexie ended up without a partner. Then suddenly Joseph wandered in, the whole class apart from a fed up looking Lexie turned around at him as he stood still at the door.

"Err sorry I’m late. My alarm clock didn’t go off again" he said, looking at the floor.

Lexie suddenly had a smile on her face, with the thought that she might be in a pair with someone who will talk to her, instead of ignore her or be mean to her, but didn’t turn around simply because she was too nervous.

"I've told you before Joe" said the teacher, "check your alarm before you go to bed. Now, go sit next to Lexie. She hasn't got a partner" The teacher sighed at the thought of putting someone with Lexie as normally it ends in horror.

The word Lexie instantly woke him up, but he froze at the door, trying to find where she was sat. "Okay." He sarcastically replied, trying to avoid further embarrassment by showing the whole class that he was interested in her. Two of his social group who were also put in the class and were not surprisingly sitting together, both simultaneously winked at him.

He took a deep breath in and casually walked over to a nervous Lexie sat in the corner. "Hey," he muttered whilst pulling his chair away from the table to sit down. "Hey." She instantly replied and before Joseph could break into conversation, the teacher told them to be quiet so she could get on with the lesson. So instead, they sat there in awkward silence and Joseph felt his hand slowly moving towards hers, which was resting on her blank piece of A4. They both smiled, and then Lexie struggled her hand away to answer a question. As dissapointed as Joseph was this gave him an idea, he couldn't physically talk to her so instead he'd write a note for her to read at the end of the lesson.

The End

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