chapter 2

Several days had passed, since Joseph had seen Lexie in the crowded corridors and smiles were exchanged. Still, Joseph didn't understand why he couldn't get Lexie off his mind, and Lexie was still puzzling as to why Joseph would want to speak to her.
Joseph was determined to try and pull the courage together to ask Lexie if she wanted to meet up over the weekend, although his social circle were taking the mick for him wanting to speak to her, it was something he'd got used to though and he had learnt to ignore it.

Lexie however, was having serious issues with her family. She was recieving pressure from her father to apply for the Armed Forces, whereas her mother wanted her to go to college and get a further education. She wasn't even sure herself,  and as she explained to her mother, she wanted to finish her exams and see what happened before she made any brash decisions. In all truth, she was holding back from her parents that she wanted to go onto a apprenticeship in media, and further her interest within the industry.
She knew that if she told her parents about it, she'd quite easily be kicked out as neither of the career paths her parents wanted her to follow were the one that she wanted to. Nor did she have any idea that she had pure talent in media, she knew she had a passion for it, but didn't know how good she was at it. Her teachers had told her about it, and told her that she was good, but she didn't believe a word of it. She was so used to getting slated constantly by her social group and her family that she thought she wasn't any good at doing anything, let alone getting interviews with upcoming bands & popular ones. There was one thing she was absolutely determined to do, and that was make something of herself and prove everyone who doubted her at any point about anything wrong.

Joseph on the other hand, was back in his usual seat in his art class, where he had met and first talked to Lexie. Her name echoed in his mind as he saw himself subconsciously draw her face onto a blank canvas. Every detail perfect, his art got better the more he thought about her.
He suddenly realised what he had drawn and quickly hid the picture in his half empty art folder that was sitting next to him on the wooden stool. He then carried on with the lesson still wandering what to say and how he would say it to her.

The End

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