crowded corridors

He sat in his chair, completely flabbergasted. The girl he'd been in love with for years now had finally told him how she felt, much to his surprise.

Joseph was a normal kid. Well, as far to normal as you could get really. He was an average height, average parents, average life. Lived in an average house, with average money and had a average school grade. There was one thing he was above average at doing though; drawing. Growing up, he used to draw amazing scenes of sunsets for his mother & father, highly impressing them as they thought their son was a total dead weight. His drawing continued, well into his school life. Art heavily influenced it, his GCSE's reflected this as he did accelerated art and nothing else. It was at school that they realised Joseph had raw talent. Through the duration of the course, they channelled his talent into every last piece of art he did. It was also at school that he met THAT girl.

And THAT girl was Lexi. She wasn't doing art however, she was a media studies & IT geek. Joseph knew seeing her round school, she wasn't a geek at all. When he saw her for the first time, his breathing stopped. It was like he'd seen a ghost, he stopped all he was doing just to look at her walking down the corridor. Lexi was a short girl, and must of only been 4ft11 or a similar height. Her parents weren't bothered what she did with her life, and didn't really pay much attention to her. She was quaintly pretty, with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes which automatically caught Joseph's eye. Oddly, it shocked the teachers to realise that Lexi had a raw talent for media studies; after all she only ever spoke to her social circle. But she was flamboyant, bubbly and not afraid to express herself. Not just generally, but in her media as well. By the time that all coursework was due in, Lexi was completing the extension tasks, and getting interviews done with real bands, rather than the fake ones everyone else had invented to try and look cool. Lexi was passionate about this as it showed she could express herself and show to anyone who was willing to listen that she could do it.

The day Lexi and Joseph actually spoke was one to remember. Lexi had been in one of the art rooms printing some photography off for her media project, and had forgotten to pick up her laptop. It remained there until Lexi realised that she'd forgotten it (ironically was in her IT lesson) and rushed back over to pick it up. When she arrived to the art room, much to her embarrassment there was a class being taught. And where her laptop was, Joseph was sat. She shuffled through the room, to the extreme right corner that looked over the lake and where her laptop was stationed. She took a gulp and moved over to where Joseph was sat, and went to take her laptop bag. Unfortunately for her, the laptop wasn't in the bag. She looked in the bag just to check and realised it wasn't in there. Taking a loud sigh, she turned to Joseph and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Ermm, hi. Could you pass my laptop over to me? It's right by your elbow."

Joseph hadn't turned round before then, and when he did he stopped dead in his tracks. He realised it was the girl he'd seen in the corridor, the girl who made him breathless. He took a deep breath and manifested the courage to pull together a sentence.

"Yeah sure. It's this one right?"

He purposely pointed at his art folder, which was also on top of the laptop.

"Actually it's under that."
"Oh right. Yeah sure."

He then carefully took his art folder off the laptop, and picked it up to hand back to her. As he did this, he looked right at Lexie's eyes and smiled. Much to his suprise, she smiled back at him.

"The name's Joseph. Call me Joe."
"Cool. I'm Lexie. See you around Joe."

She then smiled again, took the laptop and walked out of the art room. Joe returned to his art folder, and for some reason couldn't stop smiling. He looked out onto the lakes, and saw Lexie heading that way. He was grinning even more now, and automatically got his pencil out to start drawing again.
Lexie on the other hand, was shocked she'd managed to speak to a total stranger. She couldn't get over the fact Joseph was so nice to her... Usually kids looked at her and sniggered. She had a odd bounce in her step, something she wasn't used to at all. Lexie was back in the IT room before she knew it,  and was still puzzling over why Joseph had been so nice to her.

The End

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