Jackeye: With fallen men and pride

The storm was bad.

The waves crashed onto the Nightingale and shook the boat. Jackeye stood on deck. The Gremlin was shaking in the sea just as much.

“Captain! A maelstrom!” A shout rang out from above. Jackeye cursed. First an attack from the Gremlin in this cursed storm and now a maelstrom. If things couldn’t get worse.

“Draw the sails! We’ll have to fight our way out!”

The part of the weary crew drew away from fighting began toiling away at the masts in the storm. Jackeye continued staring out at sea. This was not the fight for him. He was waiting for Gremlin. Jackeye couldn’t help but roll his eyes at that thought. A ship named after its captain. How ridiculous.

Jonin’ tapped him lightly on the shoulder.

“Cat’in. I’m worried.”

Jackeye eyed Jonin’.

“Worried about what?”

“I’m worried the Gale gonna sink. I’m scared, cat’in.”

“She won’t sink. I know that. I handcrafted this beauty to stand storms like these. We won’t sink.”

“But, cat’in....” Jonin’ trailed off.

“Jonin’, aren’t you suppose to be working?”

“Aye. Cat’in.” Jonin’ sighed with a resigned look.

But just as Jonin’ was about to leave, the ship suddenly lurched to the side. Jackeye was thrown of the ship.

“Cat’in!” Jonin’ gasped as he shot his hand out to grab Jackeye, but the ship lurched again and he was thrown off as well.

They landed into the maelstrom and disappeared.

The End

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