Saffron: Entrance of the Dark Child

Saffron sat on the ground, feeling the rain fall on his head and soak the over-sized cloak he wore. Where was he? Who was he? Saffron only knew his own name. Nothing more, nothing less. Maybe he got bumped on the head? He seemed to remember his mother, whoever she was, telling him that people forgot things when they bumped their heads.

Saffron laughed playfully as the rain made his long black hair slick against his pale body. He let the cloak fall and decided to run around in this rain. He always loved the rain. It felt so good. Then, Saffron remembered his mother telling him rain was important. No wonder it felt so good. Important things were good things, right?


Saffron turned to see a large man with silver hair leaning over a large cliff. What was he doing and why was his arm all silver and armored? Was he a knight? Saffron walked over to the knight and laid a hand on his shoulder. This man was a friend. Saffron didn't know how he knew that, but he did. 

The man cried softly, but managed to put his odd hand on Saffron's. To Saffron's surprise, it was cold and felt like it was just a shell. "Saffron," the man said in a strained voice, "Everything is going to be OK, alright?"

Saffron cocked his head. What did he mean? "Why wouldn't it be OK, mister?"

The silver haired man smiled slightly and shook his head. "You don't remember anything do you?" he asked, "Well, that's OK, because Uncle Drakmor is going to take care- Saffron?"

Saffron felt odd. At first it was just a buzzing, but now the world seemed like it was spinning. What was going on? Was this some kind of trick? A black mist started to appear and Saffron got scared. What would he do? What would he do? What was going on?!


Saffron felt himself falling, Uncle Drakmor's voice fading as he fell. Where was he going to land? He hoped it was on a nice soft place. Or maybe the ocean. Saffron was a real good swimmer. He didn't know how he knew that, but he did.

Light started to appear and Saffron found himself standing in a dark room. Where was he? He noticed two men, one standing and one sitting. Who were they? Saffron felt afraid of them for some reason. Especially the one standing... 

Where was Uncle Drakmor? Where was the important rain? Questions buzzed through his mind, but Saffron had no answers. Despite his nudity, he stood tall. Maybe he could make them afraid if he looked confident. Someone had told him that would work. 

Maybe it would work here, even though he didn't feel confident.

The End

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