the Doll makers Entrance

“Now let the great String-master come forth and accept us into a new era.” I said. The door opened and a brilliant light came forth. “Hurry I can’t hold the door open for to long.” Mr. Hyde yelled. I walked through the door, enveloped in the light. “Finally I can be reunited with my big brother.” I thought. Suddenly the door shut and I was covered in darkness. “Hm his power must have wavered for this world to be covered in such darkness.” I said out loud. It took some time to for my eyes to accustom to the darkness. Before my eyes I saw a man on the ground. “Wow my brother has some pretty twisted fetishes.” I thought. I checked out my spectral map.

(a map created by the string master to help us reach him. However it led to many more places much stranger than the third pocket.)


“It seems that the path to the third pocket was disrupted. If I were to guess I would say that the once I created the path to the third pocket he was also creating a path to somewhere. Our paths must have interfered with each other and, instead of passing each other they must have joined. That is the only way I can think of that something like this could have happened. And seeing that he is obviously worn out I guess that he could not have kept the path for long.” I began deducing. “Crap. How am I going to get to the third multidimensional labyrinth now let alone my own world?” I suddenly panicked. “what am I going to do?”


“Ok ok I just have to think.” I shouted. That is when I noticed. Actually that is when I cared to notice. There was several different gates around the room. The first one I noticed was a shining light, the second one I noticed was difficult to see but it seemed to be made out of darkness. “Well. What now? What am I here for?”

The End

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