"To One World, There Are Many"

Aaron Emerson walked into a dark warehouse. It was 4 o'clock in the morning, an hour where no one in their right mind would be awake. Which was just what he wanted. Aaron wasn't sure he was quite sane though, what with what he was about get involved him. He sighed. "I hope I don't regret this," he said to himself.

Once his green eyes had adjusted to the darkness, Aaron walked to the center of the warehouse. He cracked his knuckles and rolled his shoulders, trying to psyche himself up for the task at hand. "OK, let's get this started," he said at last. He closed his eyes and stood perfectly still, tuning himself to his surroundings. He felt a slight but chilly breeze blow through his long black hair, teasing the strands.  He heard a cricket singing a solo somewhere to his right. He started to sense the life that dwelt within them all. The planet's energy literally came alive around him. He could feel his own life start to connect with it, a sign he was making progress.

"To one world, there is many..." Aaron remembered. He started to reach out, beyond the earth, to ones beyond him in different times and spaces. Worlds with completely different realities, of magic and mayhem, of dragons and demons. The people there would have abilities one could never dream of. Only a Policy Protector such as himself could connect to them through the heart of Earth.

After Aaron had stood there for an hour, not twitching a muscle or budging an inch, continuing to reach for the unknown worlds beyong his, he finally felt it. A connection to one of those worlds, and then another, and another, until six strands of energy  were tied to him. More than Aaron thought he'd get. To each, Aaron called out for people that possessed plenty of power within them, using his connection to their world. People like that had to have some ability, or at least that was Aaron's thought. One by one, he managed to locate a suitable person. Once all were found he started to draw them away, and pull them out of their world and into his. It was a delicate process; he could potentially lose them between the worlds if he let go of the connection.

When Aaron finally finished getting the last person in to his world, he collaped on the ground, mentally and physically drained. It took a little while for the earth to bring them to his location. He opened his eyes and saw that the sun had just started to rise. Suddenly a black mist started to form in front of him. Then to the right, a glaring white rip in space opened. To Aaron's left, a strange gate appeared in thin air. The other three would soon appear. Aaron stood off and dusted himself off, giving himself a last-second check. He had no idea who or what he might have summoned, whether they were good or bad, or would even help him out at all. But they were here, and he was going to meet them. Aaron took a deep breath.

"Time to meet the players."

The End

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