Cross-verse Chapter 2: Introduction

DAY: JANUARY 6TH, 2002, 2:04 AM
"Drifted in the large void of a small it really a comfortable state to be in?"

"It seems that Pace knows what he was doing...Sending Grey (Author's Note: For those of you who have ignored the Prologue, 'Grey' is Dawdrey's Codename, as said by her) into a different, faraway location...will be the best way to get that brat from questioning our purifying event..and her! A genius he is! *laughs*"

"But..where did he sent her to, if that is your question, my fellow Sages?"


January 6, 2002.
Five hours after the space pod was launched and the closure of the incident.


Space. A harsh environment to take a drift in. With the freezing cold, the high levels of radiation of outer space, plus the scorching heat of the stars and other bodies that stands there is unbearable for those that comes from Life. Dawdrey is no exception, after all;

She was human.

-How can those 'Sages' be such jerks towards me?! What have I ever done to them?! Aside from playing light pranks on them and a few harmless lies...

-And more importantly, why keeping my Sis away from me?

Dawdrey's sister, Sanobi has always been a mystery, even for her. With that lifeless expression, underneath the parasol that hides her face, and the colors of her light always changing, it's hard to tell who she was before Keplner was formed. All Dawdrey knows is, whoever Sanobi is, at the moment that Dawdrey was born, she was told that 'Blue is her Sister'.

Which Blue, in fact, is Sanobi's Codename.

It is amazing how Keplnarians can defy themselves with color and light. Like stars, they shine through the night using their 'blood'. But unlike them, they shine in multiple colors. It might cause a scandal if the planet itself was visible from Earth, due to those 'changing colors'.

-*sighs* Maybe I'll never know who she is...But that doesn't mean I'll give up...

-But aside from Sah-Sah (1), what other things that I don't know, and that I should be thinking about? Hm..

Dawdrey pretty much, has a lonely and closed life (or as she said it was). The lonely part is that she has few friends back in the past; she would be expected to talk to Pace or Sanobi. But they're always busy. Plus the Sages, who are nice people, but they show much apathy towards her, which makes her rather pissed- not sad, nor depressed; this girl has quite of an attitude. She wants a lot of things, and when she does, she makes sure she has to have it; if not, she may burst out in a rage, or as the inhabitants called 'The Shades of Grey'(or she might act like a sly fox and trick other people to give it to her; this act is more often seen). But she can't harm anyone anyway; her grey-colored flames has no effect on anything, since grey is 'a color without color'

-Grey-colored flames...I wish that the Creator didn't make me like this. I wish to be just like the Data Holders..I heard they are ridiculously strong...Yeah! I could be like that, if it wasn't for the Creator...

-And...the townspeople had mentioned something about the current Data Holder...And they say she would be the strongest amongst her previous generations..I wonder who is she?..I wanna know...

-I wanna know how to be strong like her.

-..But, it sure is getting hot in here..

Before Dawdrey could find a way to cool down, her surroundings starts to change. Her body, and the pod, heats up fast. Ear-wrecking sounds can be heard from the spacecraft, and the alarms starts going off. Loud and annoying.

Looking at the pod's window, Dawdrey realize that she is within a planet's atmosphere. But, the atmosphere is crystal clear, and is quite thick..unlike Keplner's thin, flashy colored atmosphere. And this planet's appearance isn't like any other planets she has seen in her field trip last week. It is a blue-colored planet, with green-old yellow patches covering the surface of said planet. Some white clouds appear at several places on the surface of said planet; and multi-colored strips showing up at the top.

- Hey...this isn't some neighboring planet of Keplner, isn't it..? sure looks like it's filled with wonder...

Dawdrey is lost in awe by the scene...But the heat beats it all...and it makes her mumble in pain.


Right now, she is close to the planet's surface. And all of the pain made her cry.

(1) Sah-Sah is Sanobi's nickname.

The End

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