Cross-verse Chapter 1: Prologue

Finally. I've finished
This is the prologue of Cross-verse.
Like I said to a friend on Deviant Art, I have a lot of stories that are untold (like her basically), and that I also planned this (original, but influenced by other media) series to be a trilogy, and already have the concepts planned out, too. (Man I have so much ideas Dx)
But nonetheless, after over two years of thinking and drawing in madness, I have finished with this. Currently lots of my concepts are available to see; but they'

"Don't you know that you are wonderful?"
"Hey, this one's perfect. I'll take it!"
"The long river seems to lead our way to that factory over there.."

They are basically the events recorded by your mind. Some are good, some are bad. Some just leave fast.

But, what will it be like if someone takes it away from you? And put it there in someone else's head and make them suffer; since they know they are not you?
January 5, 2002.
(Author's note: This Earth is a much advanced Earth than our real life Earth
Hello, reader. I am the creator of Project Keplner.
In this (my) journal, you will see it all. The story of my creatures and those who encountered them. Their emotions, their relations, their minds and thoughts.

I started this project for my fellow humans have not listened to my theories about "Resurrecting one Being into Another.".
That kind of opinion was..horrifying, they said. And they got rid of me, took my honor and fame.
With the idea of finishing my will for revenge..(Author's note: That's just childish, and this guy is like 35 years old at this time). If I can't be renowned by Earthlings, then I will be worshiped by my creations..
 Three months later.

-S-Sister! *pant* *pant* Wait up! *pant*

Dawdrey calls out to her older sibling Sanobi, but gets no response. The only 'response' was the clashing sounds of bullets, the screams of the civillians, and their bumping-into-one-and-another.

-Gah! Hey!

A hand reaches out, and grabs onto Dawdrey's. It was a strong grip between the stranger's plump hand and Dawdrey's thin, delicate hand (or as she said it was). The stranger drags her to an escape pod, shoves her in, and locks up the door.

-I'm sorry, Grey. But it has to be this way.
 Dawdrey desperately tries to punch herself out of the pod, screaming sadly:

-How many times did I tell you to not call me with my codename?! Don't you know how much it hurts for me to hear that darn word?! "Grey"..."Grey"?!
 Then she spills out the stranger's name:
Then asks him:
-...Are you listening to...M-

Before she could finish her sentence, she has already been launched off to the black void of space. She then screams again


The End

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