Postcard From The Past


It was just a brief encounter, but for some reason, she stayed in my thoughts for the rest of the day.  She had been so warm towards me at first, but I seemed to have done something to turn her off about half way through our conversation.  It bugged me.  I never got the chance to get her name and number. 

I thought about trying to figure out her normal bus route based on what she said, but that seemed to much like something a stalker would do.  Besides, she had taken my bus schedule.  I could pick up another one, but maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

I pretty much forgot about her by the next day.  Once, I found myself daydreaming that she would see my bus stop and normal time circled on the schedule and try and find me.  Somehow I knew it wouldn't happen.  My mundane life resumed its boring course.  

Two days later, I got a postcard in the mail.  The postmark indicated that it had been sent about a week ago; before my little bus encounter ever happened.  I was slightly confused before I even started reading, and it only got worse.  It was from her.    

Her warm familiar tone seemed to have returned.  I could hear her voice in my head as I read it.

"Okay, you're probably going to think I'm a stalker or something, but after our bus ride the other day, I felt like I had to try and get in touch with you.  I actually figured out your bus route from what I remember you saying, and I found you at your stop.  I stood in front of you, expecting another warm smile, but I don't think you recognized me.  Was it something I said?"

What was she talking about?  I felt sure I would have recognized her. 

"I have to admit that I followed you home after that.  I wanted to get your address so I could send you this note.  If you're truly not interested, please just ignore this.  But if you're interested in meeting (and I hope you are) then put in a little effort, and try and find me!  My regular bus stop and time are circled in that schedule that you took from my hands.  Good luck!"

My head was starting to hurt.  A week ago?  Her stop was circled?  I took the schedule?  This was too weird.  I took the morning off work the next day.  She had said that she normally rides in the morning.  I strained to think where my cross-town bus would be.  I tried to think of my route in reverse.  I started at the earliest stop, and walked the entire route.  At each bus stop bench I was disappointed.  She wasn't at any of them.  I was starting to think that I must be going crazy, or someone was playing a joke on me.  That's the only explanation.  When I walked back up to my apartment building, my heart suddenly skipped.  There she was, sitting on the bench at my very own stop.  She had found me after all.  

How could I be this happy to see a girl I had just met once?  I didn't care.  I walked around in front of the bench, and couldn't disguise my happiness.  I didn't plan on letting her get away again.  For a couple of seconds her face didn't register any recognition.  After about a minute, I started feeling stupid just standing there in front of her.  She was ignoring me.  Was she mad again?  I couldn't believe it.  Just then, the bus pulled up, and she got on without a word.  She just left me standing there.     


The End

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