When Sarah and I got home Mum just stared at us with her mouth hanging wide open. She almost threw me out again, but eventually let me in and let me take a shower and change. After that I had a long explanation to give...mum didn't like that part either. It took me the whole day to finally convince her that it was still ok for Sarah to stay with us. I was so happy that Sarah had managed to make a good impression on mum during her stay here before...without that there would have been chance of Sarah staying here ever again.

As it was though, things finally seemed to be turning out a little better. The rumor only took a few more days to die out. A couple days after the rumor died Amber walked up to me again. "Before you make one more threat," I said before she could say anything, "You had better realize that if anything happens to strain Sarah's and my relationship ever again that could even possibly be blamed on an outside source...then I will blame you. And if I blame you then I will personally make you life a living hell."

Amber raised her eyebrow skeptically. "And just how do you plan on doing that?" 

"Trust me, when you have as much money as I do...anything is possible..." I said, turning away from her and beginning to walk away. "Oh, by the way..." I said,turning halfway back, "I hope your family doesn't mind living on the street...foreclosure is such a sad thing for so many people..." 

With that I really walked away, leaving Amber staring at my back with her mouth open in a wide "O" of surprised indignation. That solved that problem...as for anything else that put itself between me and Sarah...well, we had already gone through the worst...we could deal with a few small problems. Life was definitely looking up. 

The End

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