I watched dejectedly as Sarah called a cab and left yet again. She had even promised she wouldn’t! At least I knew she was coming back this time. Two weeks…I had to survive for two weeks…and somehow prove to her that I was willing to sacrifice my pride for her.

As if I hadn’t already done that! I had gone to her when we first met. I had gone against the will of all the other popular people just so that I could be friends with Sarah. Now, I had wanted to stay with her even though I could easily have avoided all these rumors by just ignoring her. WHY DID SHE NEED MORE! Ugh…girls…I will never understand them…why do I have to love them?

Even as I was thinking that however, a planed formed in my mind as to exactly how I could prove to Sarah that I could give up everything for her. I really didn’t like it. At all. But I couldn’t see another way that was sure to get Sarah’s attention. I closed my eyes and groaned in frustration and then, hitching my book bag a little higher on my back, I headed out of the school building.

The first thing I did was to go to the corner near school where Sarah had told me that she had used to sleep; there I safely stowed my backpack and school supplies. Then I headed to the worst job I could think of…cleaning the sewer…and got myself a job. Once I had secured a job there at minimum wage, starting tomorrow, I went out and found part three of my plan…a bum.

“Hey!” I called out to a man who looked about my size who was huddled over a burning trashcan. It was starting to get a little nippy out…it was winter after all. The bum just looked at me like I was nuts…what was a nicely dressed kid like me doing in this part of town? and talking to a bum no less! I walked directly up to him. “Do you want to trade clothes?” I asked nonchalantly.

The bum gaped at me. “You want to trade clothes with me?” He asked, flabbergasted.

I nodded. “I’ll even give you everything in my pockets…and my watch too.”

The bum didn’t hesitate any longer he just took me at my word and we quickly traded clothes. As soon as he had finished changing he ran off…probably afraid that I would regain my senses and change my mind. I wasn’t going to. Tomorrow was going to be tough at school and work though.


One Week Later

For Sarah, I am doing this for Sarah. I had to continually remind myself that this was why I had done this to myself. My situation was much worse than Sarah’s had been. She at least had been mostly ignored because it really hadn’t been her choice. I, on the other hand, had had everything and had given it up so that I could live on the street…alone…

I was the laughing stock of the school. Because of my job in the sewers, even those who didn’t care about me stayed away from me. The only time anyone came near me was to taunt me or throw a punch that they knew I wouldn’t respond to.

Caleb was the only one who still stood by me. I guess that was the one thing I had better than Sarah did: a friend. The first day, a week ago, when I had come to school after trading clothes with the bum and sleeping the night in the alley by the school he had tried to dissuade me. However, I had remained adamant; this was the only way I could think of that would be sure to persuade Sarah I could sacrifice whatever it took for her. Sometimes he still tried to get me to stay the night at his house.

“No Caleb, if I wanted a bed and food then I would go home. I can’t risk it.” I would always reply.


“Hey look kids! It’s the abominable sewer man!” Someone called as I passed by on my way to my first class. I closed my eyes and ignored them. “Aw, did the poor abominable sewer man’s whore girl-friend leave him? Poor guy…” That was the last straw. I turned slowly to the guy who had said it. “Oh look! Slime-ball is mad!” The boy retorted when he saw me turn.

“You don’t want to mess with slime-ball when he is mad…” I growled angrily. The boy just grinned idiotically at me. Before he could blink I was on top of him raining down blow after blow. I only realized what I had done when I was pulled off the unfortunate idiot who had used the wrong insult. He was out cold, blood covered his face, streaming from his nose and mouth, not to mention the numerous cuts all over his face. I glared angrily at everyone around me, not surprisingly, they all backed off. “Anyone else have something smart to say about Sarah?” I sneered. No one answered. “I didn’t think so.”

With that, I walked out of school. I had had enough. I just walked. Walked away from it all. I wasn’t even sure I planned on coming back.

The whole day I walked, farther and farther from the school, from the life I knew. As the day drew to a close I found an empty alley-way and collapsed on a pile of trash that had accumulated there. I was to tired to do anything but sleep. 

The End

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