Sarah - Proof

I opened the door of the office and noticed Josh in the corner, he stood up as I came out but I couldn't bear to look at him. I walked passed him but he joined my side and followed me to class, I felt like crying - but I couldn't, especially not in front of him. I had been suspended for two weeks, I couldn't bring it in myself to tell Josh, but the suspension came as some what of a relief. Maybe by the time I came back everything would be back to normal, everyone would have forgotten this rumor, on the other hand it could develop into something a whole lot worse...

In class I noticed everyone was staring at us funny, well not us, they were staring at me... Gossip spreads like wildfire; I bet each and every pupil in this class knew what had happened only an hour ago. None of them knew I had been suspended, not even Josh, I still couldn't look at him as we exited the class. I headed to the school gates hoping that Josh would let me be, he didn't...

"Nuh-uh, Sarah, you are coming home with me, just like you have for the last week." Josh said grabbing my shoulder, I shook his grip off and tried to get around him; he blocked me and raised his eyebrows. "Where do you plan on sleeping tonight Sarah?" he demanded. I sighed quickly and tried to step around him again, "We can do this all day Sarah," he said almost angrily. He put his hand under my chin and forced me to look him in the face, "I remember a time when this girl misunderstood a boy who would have given anything for her. She thought his pride would get in the way if he knew the truth about her, but she was so wrong. Do you really think I have changed so much in five days that I would no longer be ready to give up everything for you?" he asked. I clenched my back teeth and pushed his hand away,

"Look Josh," I said as he rejoined my side, "I'm not coming back to school for two weeks,"

"What? Why?!" he asked taking my hand, someone walked passed me and shoved me against Josh, I ignored them and look up to his eyes again,

"I've been suspended," I muttered,

"For what? Defending your dignity?" he demanded,

"No...I was defending yours,"

"What?" he asked again, there was a wolf-whistle in the distance, I didn't know whether it was intended for us or not,

"I joined this school with a scrap of dignity, I lost it as soon as people found out I lived on the street. You came to this school with all your dignity, you earned it with your good looks and flashy cars," I indicated over to his Ferrari, "You fit in here, this is your's not mine,"

"You are my life Sarah," he took both my hands, "and I'm prepared to lose all my dignity for you,"

"What? By going out with me? By accepting that I'm bottom of society?"

"Yeah...well no, you're not bottom of..." Josh trailed off and kissed my fingers; I pulled my hand out of his,

"It's not enough," I snapped,

"I'll do anything for you Sarah," Josh begged,

"Well then...prove it," I challenge,


"That's for you to figure out, you've got two weeks," I smiled at him,

"I'll prove it now!" Josh exclaimed,

"Go on then," I smiled, I knew he had nothing, "this better be good," I added, he stood there thinking; I laughed quietly and then turned to face the gate. "You know how to get hold of me," I called, "you bought me that cell, remember?" I headed towards the gate, I heard Josh's footsteps behind me and he suddenly grabbed my face and kissed me. I reluctantly kissed him back; his arms tightened around my back as he pulled me closer, I pulled back and wriggled out his grasp, "You're going to have to do a bit more than that," I told him winking,

"Where are you going Sarah?" he asked, he knew full well I'd prefer to go with him and he was trying to exploit that,

"For a little vacation," I called, and began to pace away from the school gates, I heard Josh sigh and then growl in anger, "oh and remember!" I called turning back, Josh looked hopeful, "Money doesn't impress me," I smiled and blew him a kiss. I then turned back, hailed a taxi and watched as Josh got smaller and smaller.

"Where to ma'am?" asked the cab driver,

"Huntington Beach," I told him taking out my wallet and flicking through the bank notes Josh had given me, money didn't impress me - but I did quite like having it.

The End

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