I watched brokenly as Sarah ducked into the doorway to her next class. I wanted to go in there and tell her that I wasn’t going to let this come between us. Nothing was going to come between us. Ugh…why did we have so many fights? Why did I always have to say the wrong thing? For a couple so much in love we seemed to be having far too many fights. Maybe we weren’t even right for each other? NO. I refused to believe it. Sarah had just lived a hard life, and now that was showing. The relationship would just take some work is all. I don’t care what mum thinks either.

Eventually I had to leave for my next class, but as soon as it was out I took to the hallways and looked for Sarah.

“Hey there lover boy,” called a girl from across the hall, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

I rolled my eyes and made to move on but she pulled up beside me. “Why don’t you ditch that trouble-maker and take me instead?”

My eyes widened I pushed her aside. I looked at her disgustedly. “You have no idea what you are talking about, so why don’t you just make like a tree and leave.”

Her mouth dropped open…she had obviously never been rejected so outright before. I could see why, she had long, blonde hair and deep, blue eyes…she looked almost like Avril Lavigne…what self-respecting jock wouldn’t want to be her boyfriend? I just wasn’t one of those mindless people who would fall for a girl just because she looked half-way decent.

I began walking again. “She’s not worth it! She’s just a trouble maker! She’s already in the principal’s office!” the girl called after me.

The principal’s office! What was she doing there?

I immediately changed my path and made a bee-line for the principal’s office. When I got there the secretary said the principal was busy and that I he should be done soon if I wanted to wait.

“Who is in there right now?” I asked.

“I can’t say as that is any of your business young man,” the secretary answered.

“Look, I need to know if my girlfriend is in there…is Sarah in there?”

“It is none of your business young man,” the secretary re-iterated, starting to sound harassed.

Exasperated I put my hands on her desk. “I can either sit here and wait for them to come out, in which case I will know anyways, or you can make this all easier and just tell me whether Sarah is in there.”  

With an annoyed sigh the secretary admitted that yes, Sarah was indeed in there and would be out in a few minutes. I sat down to wait. Five minutes passed. Ten. Fifteen minutes went by before the door finally opened to allow an ashamed-looking Sarah out. She was moving like her back had been hurt, and she was followed out by some jock. He had an impressive bruise on his face and I looked at Sarah in a new light. I had no idea what had happened, I assumed the jock had attacked Sarah and she had defended herself. But that she had managed to give him such a nice bruise amazed me, especially considering the jock was pretty big.

I immediately got up and went over to Sarah. “Sarah, are you ok?” I asked worriedly.

She pushed weakly at me. “Go.”

I didn’t. “What happened Sarah?”

I saw her glare at the jock briefly before turning back to me. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

I sighed heavily and put an arm around her shoulder. “I’m not going to push you Sarah, but I’m here when you need me.”

She closed her eyes for a little bit but other than that she ignored me. I wanted to throw my arms around her and have her bury her head in my chest. And it was selfish, I knew it was, but I wanted it anyways. I wanted to know she loved me. If she had just broken down it would have been easier for me to deal with than this…coldness. I just didn’t know how to react…what was I supposed to do?

Eventually I had to settle for just walking beside her. Our next class was together, so I picked a seat next to her and sat there, stolidly bearing all the stupid comments and looks people gave us as they came by. Even the teacher gave me a funny look as she came in as if to say, “Couldn’t you at least pick someone more well-off?” I was beyond caring. I had never cared what the people here thought about me; if I had then I would never have given Sarah a second glance after the first time I saw her.

When the bell rang, signaling the end of school I scooped up my books and threw them into my book-bag then kept up with Sarah as she walked out to the front. She was headed for the gate not the parking lot. I placed myself in front of her. “Nuh-uh. Sarah, you are coming home with me, just like you have for the last week.”

Sarah tried to step around me but I just moved to stay in front of her and raised my eyebrows. “Where do you plan on sleeping tonight Sarah?” I demanded.
Sarah took in a quick breath, but still didn’t respond. Instead she tried again to step around me. Again, I just moved in front of her. “We can do this all day Sarah,” I said seriously. Then I brought my hand to her chin and raised her eyes to meet mine. “I remember a time when this girl misunderstood a boy who would have given anything for her. She thought his pride would get in the way if he knew the truth about her, but she was so wrong.” Sarah looked uncomfortably to the side. “Do you really think I have changed so much in five days that I would no longer be ready to give up everything for you?” 

The End

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