Sarah - Eruption

"It would really be a pity if the rumour that that girl new you a little more intimately than it seems started circulating...even more is the pity if your mom figured out about it. I hate to think about what she would do..." I glared at Amber as she sneered at me, I didn't know why I always acted scared when she came around the corner, I had lived on the streets for goodness sake, I could take care of a high school bully. But the look on Josh's face indicated he thought we'd lost this mini battle, he looked torn up inside and as he rejoined my side I could tell he thought this threat would somehow ruin everything.

"It's alright Josh; we know the rumour isn't true,"

"Everyone else'll believe it though," he grumbled, I took his arm and made him look into my eyes,

"Who cares about everyone else?!" I demanded, "Last time I checked I couldn't care less about any of them,"

"My mum, Caleb..." he trailed off,

"Who are they going to believe their son and best friend, or a nasty cheerleader with a malicious reputation?"

"Sarah, you don't know my mum, if she hears about this...she'll kill me," I dropped my hand from his arm and took a step back,

"You're right I don't know her, but you do!" I began, "And she knows you, she will believe you!"

"Alright she probably will believe me, it's you that's the issue," Josh leant against his locker, "she already dislikes you and now she'll have even more reason to,"

"What can I do?" I asked, I knew Josh was stressing out but I couldn't empathise with him, I had no parents,

"It doesn't even help that we're living together..." he trailed off; I clenched my teeth and sighed,

"Fine Josh! I'll move out, I don't mind, it's not like I'm not used to being homeless or anything!"

"No don't!" he exclaimed,

"If it's going to protect your oh-so-important reputation, I'll do it," I said turning away and striding down the hall trying to give him the impression I was done talking, but stupid boys have stupid long legs and he caught up with ease.

"We'll figure this out," Josh told me grabbing my should,

"No Josh, you will!" I said taking his hand off my shoulder, "I couldn't care less what people think; I've grown up being judged and slated for who I am,"

"Sarah please..." Josh cried as I took off again, "don't leave! Not again!"  

"I've got a class," I said shortly, I ducked into a classroom and waited for him to leave, I then came out and walked to my actual class. I took my seat at the back and kept my head down, but surprisingly a guy, I think he was on the football team, came and sat next to me. He poked my arm and laughed,

"What do you want?!" I demanded,

"I'm Ethan," he smiled, there was a long pause, "I heard about you and Josh, if things between you and him ever...change, I'm always free," he asked provocatively,

"I'm not doing anything with Josh," I said bluntly,

"That's not what Amber's telling everyone,"

"She's a liar," I said beginning my work,

"Well I believe her," he pointed out,

"Of course you do," I said patronizingly, "you'll believe anything, you gullible fool,"

"Hey!" he cried angrily, there was another long pause but this time I could tell he was working on a comeback, "At least I have a house," he retorted far too late, I laughed in his face although I felt like crying, today I was holding my own against everyone.

 I didn't respond as I tried to get on with my work, a late comer, with the name Jack, entered the class he saw me and Ethan sat at the back and purposefully changed his path so he'd walk passed my desk.

"Slut..." he muttered under his breath. I looked up with surprise and anger; wow rumours in this place really did spread like wildfire! "S.L.U.T" he spelled it out for me, suddenly something clicked and I'd had enough; I slammed my books down on my desk as I stood up in one swift motion.

"What did you call me?" I almost yelled,

"I called you a slut, but I'm perfectly entitled to, because...well, it's the simple truth of the matter," he smiled as he looked down on me, the anger I'd stored up with Amber and Ethan boiled up and I launched myself at him.

My time in the drugs' trade had taught me self defence in case someone ambushed my delivery; I had retained some moves in the back of my memory. I locked my arms around his neck and began to launch my fist at his face; but like all boys, he was bigger and stronger and so he grabbed my waist and lifted me off the ground. I slammed his back as he sent me crashing back onto my desk, I skidded across it, hit Ethan and we both landed on the floor, the desk falling on top of me. I quickly pushed it off and ran at him, smacking my fist into his chest, but by now Mr Matthews realised what was happening, he'd come to the back and he was yelling at me to stop. Ethan grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back,

"Ethan, take Sarah and Jack to the Principle please," Mr Matthews said sternly, I walked solemnly behind Jack to the office. Great, I was going to get suspended, what a great way to end my fantastic day! Not.


The End

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