Sarah - Confessions

I woke up the following morning in Josh's arms, his head was resting above mine and my arm was flung over his chest. He was still asleep so I carefully inched my way out of his grasp and looked around; the room was pretty basic with a sink, bed, chair and TV. The game of monopoly was sprayed across the floor, it must have fallen out the bed, I bent down and picked up the stray houses and dollar bills. A nurse came in and smiled,

"Thank you," she whispered, I handed her the box and smiled, "you can take a shower, if you'd like?"

"That'd be awesome," I smiled, she handed me a towel and gave me directions, I sauntered down the hall and got intercepted by Josh's mum.

"You're still here?! You stayed over night? Haven't you done enough? You should just leave. Now!" she almost shouted,


"You almost killed him! You're a selfish girl, can't you see that you're going to do it again? He's helpless, but you... you can leave him, do the right thing,"

"I am not going to leave,"

"I'm going to have to call up your parents or something; I just can't take it seeing him like that! Not only that but my husband died this year! Can you even imagine how I must have felt? Having a family member die and then watch my son waste away! I just can't take it Sarah, you have to go! What's their number?" she got out her cell phone and looked down at me from her high heels,

"I...errr," I started, "I don't know how to say this..."

"What?" she spat beginning to almost fume,

"I don't have any parents," I blurted out, she narrowed her eyes,

"You sick child..."

"What's going on mum?" Josh asked stepping out the curtain; he looked at me, "Sarah?"

"It's okay honey, but you stay away from my son!" Josh's mum said pushing me aside and walking up to Josh, "She's spiteful and cruel; I don't know what you see in her!"

"What's going on?" Josh demanded,

"Look Josh, we need to talk," I said taking a step towards him,

"No, Josh, tell her no,"

"Sure," he smiled and pushed past his mom,

"Darling..." she hissed, Josh turned back to his mom and then back to me, his put his hand on his head and then sighed.

"Right, Sarah go and take that shower. Mum, let's have a word," Josh winked at me and turned to his mom.

By the time I had come back, Josh's mum seemed happier; she smiled and walked out the small room as I entered. Josh patted the bed and I sat opposite him crossed legged,

"Seems like we've got a lot of explaining," Josh said quietly,

"I have but you don't need to explain anything," I admitted,

"Where to begin?" Josh wondered,

"I'm going to go straight to the point," I told Josh, "I've lied to you, multiple times and I'm not who you think I am." Josh's brow furrowed, "I'm not like anyone you know..."

"Are you like a secret agent or something?" Josh joked; he seemed a little tense,

"I don't have a house; I don't own any possessions,"

"You don't have a house?"

"Let me finish!" I snapped, "Sorry," I apologized,

"It's alright," Josh allowed,

"I have very few friends and I don't have a family," I looked away from his probing eyes, "I'm an orphan, I live on the street," I swallowed, "I was found in a trash can when I was only a year old, looked after by a family until I was five until they told me I had a sister, I ran away to find her. It wasn't hard, she was looking for me too and when we were reunited she took me under her wing,"

"What's her name?"

"Her name was Molly," I wiped away a tear, "she was eight years older than me, when I was nine she found a boyfriend called George, suddenly there was no room for me in that family and she threw me out."

"She threw you out?!" Josh exclaimed,

"It wasn't as bad as it sounds, I said it was either him or me, she chose him..." Josh reached over and squeezed my shoulder comfortingly, "I was banished with no where to go, I didn't want to go back the family that looked after me as a child... they hadn't been nice to me. I ended up being found by Chris Hopkins, a street kid a bit like me, he was fourteen and he showed me how to live on the street unnoticed..." I swallowed, the hardest part was coming, "Money wasn't easy to find on the streets, despite the wealth that lived around us, Chris mixed with a bad crowd and they contracted him to do some of their work."

"What kinda work?" Josh asked,

"Drugs; he delivered them to clients. C'mon, who'd suspect a fourteen year-old kid? They paid him well and with the money he managed to buy his own studio at the age of seventeen, I was thirteen then. Soon there were two major drug dealers in the cities, two gangs you could call them, they regularly had fights trying to knock the other gang out. I was soon given Chris' job; he was getting older and less innocent looking. I was forced to drop out of school and delivered drugs to unsavoury people, I did that for a year; that was until the other gang found me. They caught me whilst I was on one of my runs, beat me up and left me for dead in an alley way."

Josh was still uneasy; I could see it plastered all over his face, "You remember Jake and his dad who owned the café? Jake found me and took me to hospital, couple of weeks later I was let out and I went back to Jake's café, he gave me a job. I began going to his school and got another job cleaning at the sports place. I was sleeping in the alleyway where I'd been beaten up, I occasionally met up with Chris but he didn't tell anyone that I was still alive...they'd just recruit me again, and I was happier than I had been for years."

"Where do I come into it?"

"Then I met this new guy at school, last year, he couldn't keep away from me, it was like he was a magnet magnetized to me. He was nice to me, took me out places, gave me clothes and invited me round. But anytime I thought he would find out what a disgusting person I was, I would run away, I didn't want him finding out about my life, because I was sure he'd stop hanging around with me."


"So then I ran away, to San Diego and came back two months later and here I am now," I smiled and then washed all the tears from my face, "and now I'm waiting in agony to see what you say, the ball's in your court."


The End

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