Sarah - Gone

I couldn't pretend anymore, I hadn't the courage to stand in front of him and pretend I was an equal because in reality I was at the bottom, at the bottom amongst prisoner and terrorists. I bailed out of going to English and instead walked into the city, I usually didn't stray too far from what I knew but this time I wanted to get away. I walked down some street I didn't know the name of and suddenly Amber had grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.

"Leave him," she snarled, "you're not worthy of him,"

"I know," I said simply,

"Then why do you follow him round like a dog?" she asked,

"Don't call me a dog!" I growled,

"That's it!" she snapped, "I'm telling him your secret!"

"You know what Amber? I'm not scared of you; you can go ahead and tell Josh, he probably knows anyway!" I ran my hand through my hair, something I did when I was nervous,  

"Well, I bet he doesn't know everything..." she said evasively,

"Tell him anything you like," I said spitefully hoping to convey confidence,

"So you wouldn't mind if I told him about your family?" she asked flicking her ponytail and smiling nastily at me, I gulped,

"What about my family?"

"Oh I don't know... how you killed your own sister?" she smiled happily as I clenched my teeth, "Murderer!" she whispered provocatively, I screamed and launched myself at her,

"I didn't kill my sister!" I yelled, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling hard, Amber began to punch my stomach and I fell back winded. A figure came round the corner and ran to us,

"Help!" I cried as Amber landed her foot in my side, the passerby stood by my head and looked down at me, "help..." I whimpered breathlessly,

"Yeah Ben, why don't you help?" Amber asked taking a step back, "Like you promised," she hissed,

"You told me it was a hobo who stole your purse..."

"It was her!" she pointed at me, my head was pulsing and my side was aching, Ben gripped my shirt and stood me up, Amber landed a fist on my jaw and then another against my eye. My neck flopped as all the energy ran out from me; there was no way I was going to win this fight. Ben threw me down on the ground again and I fell into a dustbin sack, all the rubbish exploded out the bag and something sharp impaled my leg. I cried in pain and tried to get up; the lid of a tin can stuck out my leg and blood began to leak out from around it. I gripped the metal quickly, and ripped it out. I whimpered in agony wide-eyed as Ben landed a fist in my stomach,

"Give her back her purse!" he yelled at me,

"I don't have a purse..." I cried cringing in pain,

"Get. Off. Her." Came a strong quiet voice, I relaxed into the trash as a body came and stood between me and my attacker,

"You going to make me?" Ben asked putting his hands on his hips, the man reached into his back pocket and pulled out a gun, he pointed it at Ben and then cocked it.

"Do I have to ask twice?" he asked, Ben raised his arms in surrender and backed away,

"We don't want any trouble," Amber said hiding behind Ben, "sorry to bother you," they both turned and ran out the alley, Amber jumped into her car and Ben disappeared into the street.


"Right," the man turned around and grabbed my wrist, "up we come," he pulled me to my feet, he looked me up and down and sighed, "you should be alright in a couple of days,"

"Thanks," I said wiping the blood off my cheek,

"Try not to get yourself in any more trouble, but us homeless people have to stick together, so if you have any more trouble from them, you know where to find me."

"I should better get going then..." I said limping a few steps,

"Where you heading?" he called,

"I've got to get back to school," I told him, the man laughed as if he thought I was joking. I limped away from the alley and down the three blocks to school. It was lunch by the time I had made it into the campus and I headed to my locker to clear my head,

"Sarah!" came a voice, "what happened?" I didn't turn to show Josh the worst of it; instead I stuck my head into my locker and grabbed the entire contents, shoving it into my backpack. I headed back outside and hobbled to the school gates, I turned round one last time taking in the school building and grounds.

"Goodbye West Bev, goodbye old life..." I mumbled, I hailed a cab and commanded him to San Diego, that was far away enough to start a new life. I didn't have any money, but I'd worry about that when the driver asked for some. I sat back in the seat and closed my eyes.


The End

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