It seems in most books that people slowly come out of the blackness when they wake up. It wasn't that way for me.

BAM! Pain. BAM! Light. BAM! Voices.

It hurt so badly. It felt like some one had bashed my head in and then spent hours with a razor blade cutting everything from the most minute of scratches to open wounds. My whole body seemed to be on fire. Maybe someone had dipped my body in oil and then put a match to might have caused similar pain. I groaned heavily and began to roll over. All I succeeded in doing was nearly falling off of whatever it was I was on top of and a high-pitched, very loud, scream. Immediately my eyes snapped wide open. A blonde women with big horn glasses had turned a sickly white and was staring at me.

“Y-y-y-you,” she stuttered.

“Am in a lot of pain,” I finished for her with a wince. She stared at me wordlessly, then fled the room, slamming the door behind her.

Why had she—oh. I remembered all of what had happened. I had been dead. I HAD SEEN GOD! AND HE HAD SMILED AT ME! I smiled, God had had reason to smile at me! I sat up and immediately lay back down as the pain more than tripled.

Voices echoed down the hall as they came closer to the room. “Now Agnes, the job is just getting to you; he was dead for goodness sake! Dead people don't just gasp and then wake up.”

B-but I saw him! He just opened his eyes and finished my sentence!” the lady from before was rambling in a high-pitched, still scared voice.

Just then the door opened and I looked to see a man coming in. When he saw me he stopped in his tracks and all the blood drained from his voice. “Y-you're alive!” now he was stuttering too...

Yes,” I groaned. “and would it be to much to ask for a little pain killer?” I stopped and shivered. “Maybe a warmer room too?”

But you were dead! For three days!” the man blurted.

Well,” I winced, “I'm do I look dead to you?” I winced again, “Let me rephrase that: I'm not dead anymore...even if I do look and feel like it.”

The doctor pulled out a mobile and I immediately held out a hand. “No! Please don't make it public! I don't want people visiting me day and night! Just call my mum, tell her that I am alive.”

The man nodded and handed me the phone, “You need to type in her number...I don't have it.”

I nodded and punched in mum's number and hit the call button. “You don't mind?” I asked as I held the mobile up to my ear. The doctor shook his head so I kept it there and listened to the other end ring.

Hello?” it was Mum.

Hey Mum.” I answered.

There was silence on the other end for a bit. “Whoever you are, I would like to know why you are playing such a cruel trick,” she said, her voice beginning to break up. “My son died three days ago.”

No Mum! It's me! It is! I'm alive!” I began, but the phone clicked on the other end and the call ended.

I sighed. I checked my pockets, but there was nothing in them. “Where is all my stuff?” I asked the doctors.

The doctor walked over to a wall of safes and opened one to pull out all the stuff that had been in my pockets. My wallet, mobile, my keys and some random pieces of paper. Meanwhile, the lady, a nurse or something, had called for some people to take me to a real hospital room. They arrived with a roller-bed and quickly transferred me to my own room. Soon there were two or three real doctors around me, I realized I had been in the equivalent of the morgue in the hospital. The lady had actually just come in to begin preparing me for burial.

After looking at me and performing many tests on me the doctors left, seeming very perplexed. I took it that my body was not at all as it should be...after all, I should be dead. Three days! That was crazy! After a while the doctors came back and announced that I would be ready to go home in just a day if my body still followed normal healing processes. I nodded and laid back in my bed. All I could do now was wait.

As I laid back there was somewhat of a scuffle and I though I saw Sarah's face peep around the curtains. I shook my head then winced at the pain it caused. It couldn't have been Sarah, she hated me. With how had been acting before, she probably was happy I had died. I sighed, it must have been wishful thinking. Whoever it really had been had had red rimmed eyes too, so it couldn't have been Sarah, because she certainly wouldn't be that sad about my death.

I shrugged and relaxed back into the bed. It was only about half an hour before I got so bored I decided to try to get up. When I did it hurt, but I could do it. I looked down and saw I was still in the clothes that I had been in when...when dad had was dead. More pain. This time it was mental. I knew that this wasn't even near as bad as it was going to get. The full force of the realization was held of for the moment. My mind just couldn't process the fact that he was gone, and it still felt like a punch in the gut. I stumbled out into the hall and looked out at the first nurse that came into view. “I'm going home,” I stated.

Nothing was going to stop me either. I walked through to the front desk. “How much do I owe?” I asked.

Sir, you can't leave yet, you're not fully healed...”

Do you want to get paid or not!” I cut in.

The lady at the desk quickly looked at her screen and typed in a name then told me the price. I paid her then headed out the door. There was a rent-a-car service nearby the hospital and I headed in that direction. There I rented their cheapest car (I only needed it to get home) and drove home. I limped up to the front door of my house and fumbled in my pocket for my keys. When I got in I found mum sitting on the couch in the den. Her head was in her hands and when she looked up I saw her eyes were puffy and red.

I smiled weakly, “Hey Mum...”

J-Josh?” she stammered unbelievingly.

I nodded, “I tried to tell you before...”

I didn't get a chance to say anything else, mum rushed up to me and engulfed me in a huge hug. 

The End

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