After I drove Caleb home that night I took the long route home. I had had a great day today. Hanging out and getting to know Caleb better had been really fun. We were already the very best of friends, in just a day! He was just a really awesome guy. He was even Christian! What more could I ask for?

That he could somehow make Sarah forgive you. A part of my mind whispered, breaking the pleasant mood I was in.

Shut up, I don't need her, I don't even want her anymore...I may have thought she was something different, but she's no different from the rest of them if she is so unwilling to forgive me for something I didn't even realize I did.

As I walked in the door mum called from the kitchen. “Josh, tomorrow is saturday and your father wants to take you out to see a Dodger's game...”

“Aww, mum! Why baseball?” I mock-whined.

“Because your father would like the both of you to get used to American culture, and they say baseball is America's pass-time.”

I sighed, “Can I phone Caleb and have him come along as well?”

“I think dad wants to have some just father-son time, to see how you are doing at school and stuff,” mum replied. I sighed again then headed upstairs to check up on my facebook and MSN before heading downstairs again for dinner.

The next morning Dad woke me up at 8 am and I rolled out of bed with a groan. “Dad, it's waaay to early to be getting up on a Saturday!” I complained sleepily.

“You can sleep in tomorrow, today we have a game to go to,” he replied.

I rolled my eyes, he knew that I went to church every Sunday. He didn't like it very much but he tolerated it.

After stuffing down a quick breakfast, Dad and I piled into his car and pulled out of the driveway. It was a 20-minute drive to the stadium so it wasn't long before we had an active conversation going on. I told dad about what was happening about school. I told him about how everyone seemed to want to be my friend and how Caleb and I got along so perfectly.

“Alright, what's wrong Josh?” Dad asked when I had finished.

“What do you mean?” I asked innocently.

“You know what I mean, you haven't told me everything,” dad replied congenially.

His attitude was so friendly that I just couldn't help myself. I quickly filled him in on what had happened with Sarah. I told him about how we had met and I had befriended her. How I had taken her out and done all that stuff for her. “...and then she just angrily slapped my hand away without any warning whatsoever! I still can't figure out what it was I did!” I complained. “Not only that, but later, I appologized to her and she just told me to leave! What's up with that?”

Dad shook his head, “Girls are sometimes very hard to understand; their minds work completely different from ours. You have to remember that. What you think of as a harmless little movement, a girl might see as something entirely different.”

“So do you have any idea what it was that I did to offend her?” I asked.

Dad shook his head, “No I really don't, all I am saying is that if you have any other girl friends you have to be very careful, see it from their point of view if you can.”

I nodded, “Well if I ever get another girl friend then I will keep that in mind. However, at the moment I really don't think that that is going to happen any time soon,” I replied.

Dad began to laugh really hard. For the life of me I couldn't see what was so funny about what I had said, but dad continued to laugh. He began laughing so hard that tears began rolling down his cheeks.

Suddenly I noticed a pickup weaving drunkenly across the road, headed straight toward us!

“DAD!” I screamed, pointing toward the pickup.

I watched in horror as everything seemed to slow down. I watched as the truck slammed into dad's side. All the glass in our car shattered almost instantly. The driver's door crunched in toward dad and we were both slammed against the dashboard. Black engulfed my vision.

Bright lights. Far too bright. I screwed my eyes shut tightly. Pain. It registered all over my body. What had happened? It felt like I had jumped into a pool of piranhas! Fire arced up my back with the slightest movement. Voices. A mixed garble of sound attacked my sensitive ears. It was all to mixed up for me to make very much sense of it.

“Let me see my Joshua! Where is he? Is he ok? Will he live?”

Joshua...hmmm...hey, that's me! That's mum!

“I'm sorry mam, he's in critical condition right now, no visitors.”

“HE'S MY SON!” Mum shouted at the unfortunate doctor, “HE'S ALL I HAVE LEFT!”

All she had left? What about dad? Then I remembered the crash. Dad hadn't survived. It was my fault. I shouldn't have made him laugh so hard, then he would have noticed the pickup.

If I could have cried at that moment, I would have.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...a long continuous beep sounded from right next to me. Doctors rushed in, ignoring mum's protests and hysterical demands to be let in to see her son.

I realized that I didn't feel any pain anymore. “His heart has stopped!” one of the doctors said as he reached for a defibrillator.

Another one plugged it in before rushing to my other side. I watched as they pressed the metal plates against my chest. I saw my body jerk, but I felt nothing. What? Wait. I was in the air! I could see my lifeless body lying on the hospital bed and realized what had happened. I had died! I felt a strange calm however as I began to be pulled farther and farther up. I sped upward so fast that the stars around me blurred with the speed. Suddenly I jerked to a stop. I was in front of a huge golden throne where God sat. I was in front of the throne of God!

I immediately fell on my knees, bowing so low that my face was pressed against the ground. The man on the throne smiled kindly down at me. “Why are you here? It is not yet your time.”

I looked up, confused. “But...I died...doesn't that mean you have called me home?”

“You have not yet died, it's not your time; go back my son.”

With that I felt a fierce tug and was pulled back down into my body. The pain immediately returned, causing me to black out once more. 

The End

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