I spent half of lunch time searching for Sarah, but I couldn’t seem to find her. With a heavy sigh I finally gave up and got my lunch from the cafeteria. I ate slowly at my own table, still hoping that Sarah might appear before I was done so that we could get some time to talk together before the next class. When the warning bell rang, I got up and moved off to my next class.

Maybe she was just busy. Maybe she had a lot of work. Yes. That must be it. But an insidious little voice in the back of my head insisted differently. She’s avoiding you. She doesn’t like you; you messed up.

I chose to ignore the voice as I continued to class. Sarah wasn’t in any of my after-lunch classes today however. I would see her tomorrow, then all my fears would be allayed. That’ll show you.

No it won’t, she will avoid you there too. You messed up. She hates you.

But what did I do? What didn’t she like? Surely she will be willing to forgive me!

You know she won’t. You must have really cut her deep.

But how?

We will see tomorrow won’t we?

I rolled my eyes at myself, I was so paranoid. I just didn’t know how to handle women, that’s all…never had a girlfriend before; not to mention I was an only child. Now was the time I could really use an older sister for some advice. I sighed again. I would just have to deal with it the only way I knew how.

The final bell rang and I hurried into class just as it ended. I spent the rest of the afternoon slogging through what was left of the school day. When I finished class I rushed out and looked for Sarah. I hung around the school entrance waiting for her…but she must have left before me. I smiled weakly…she probably was hoping she wouldn’t get another ride home…she had seemed so reluctant the first time…I shrugged. I would see her tomorrow I guess.

“Hey Josh!” it was Amber again. She smiled brightly as she approached and I suppressed a groan. I really didn’t want to hurt her feelings…but she wasn’t my type.

“Hi Amber…” I trailed off.

She smiled mischievously at me. “You know, Jake and some friends are started a workout program at the gym. You should go with them…” she said with a grin. She put her hand on my arm and her eyes widened. I was wearing a baggy t-shirt which hid just how toned my muscles were…she obviously hadn’t expected to feel all that. I grinned back at her.

“Sure…why not…where and when do I meet them?” I asked.

“They’re meeting up right now in the parking lot,” Amber replied with a grin. “Come on!” she continued as gave me a slight tug.

I gave one last hopeful look down the hall before turning and heading out to meet the guys. I had to admit, I didn’t really care for what Jake had done and said to Sarah the other day…but I guess I could give him a second chance. Besides, even if Jake wasn’t that great, maybe one of his friends might be worth befriending.

Apparently Jake had studied up on good workout programs, and he had mapped out a workout program for us. He explained it to all of us once we had gotten into the gym. First we had to do this test thing to see what weight we were supposed to start with in each exercise. I couldn’t help but grin when all the boys sat and gaped when I kept lifting more and more weight. I finally maxed out on the bench with 120 pounds plus the bar.

After the workout we all went out to Starbucks and just hung out for a while. After spending a little more time with Jake I decided he was still not best friend material, but he was livable. However, one of the other boys that was coming to the workout thing we were doing, his name was Caleb, seemed to be a man after my own heart. We hit it off at Starbucks almost right away. After everyone was breaking up to go home, I asked him to stay for dinner at my place. He was very happy at the invitation and so I took him  home with me.

When we got home, mum greeted us and smiled happily. “I’m so happy to see you making so many friends so quickly Josh! Your father would have been proud!” she exclaimed, I turned a little pink when she mentioned that I didn’t have a father anymore…they had split up a while back. But Caleb didn’t seem bothered so I took him in to the den and we played Playstation 3 until the new cook informed us that tea, or “dinner” as he called it, was served.

After we had eaten, I drove Caleb back to his home. “Hey you never gave me your number Caleb!” I exclaimed as I pulled up to the house, just before Caleb got out of the car.

Caleb grinned. “Here,” he said holding out his hand, “let me see your phone.” I handed it to him and he punched in his number. I saved it, then gave him a quick ring so that he had my number as well.

“Alright then, see you tomorrow Caleb!” I called as he headed up his driveway.

“See ya man!” he called over his shoulder before entering his house and shutting the door behind him.

That night I went to bed with mixed feelings. I was thrilled to have made a new friend, especially one like Caleb. However, I couldn’t seem to put a muzzle on that sinister voice in my head that said that I had done something to offend Sarah, and that she was avoiding me now. That she didn’t want to be with me anymore. 

The End

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