After Sarah made excuses as to where she had been we hurried into class. I sat in the desk closest to her. I was really beginning to like her. She was really quite beautiful and I was selfishly happy that no one had taken her before I had gotten the chance. I watched her out of the side of my eye for the whole class. Whenever she would look my way I would quickly avert my eyes, only to look back as soon as I thought it was safe. I looked at the way her brown hair fell in a messy yet appealing way down her shoulders. The way she held her hands folded neatly in her lap, her long, slim fingers intertwining gracefully. When she smiled it seemed to brighten her whole face.

By the time the class had ended I was to the point of wondering what she would do if I were to hug her; to just go up to her and sweep her into my arms. How would she react? Would it be badly? I sighed. I wasn't brave enough to try. Besides, it was too early in our relationship for that. At the end of the day I was walking toward my locker when I passed a group of girls gathered around another girl who I couldn't see due to the fact that all the other girls were gathered around her.

“Go back where you belong you little street rat.”

“Just look at her clothes! They're all dirty, torn and old!”

“Yeah, she's probably never even heard of the mall!”

One of the girls shifted position and I caught a glimpse of Sarah. A tear was trickling down her cheek and my anger flared. I moved up to the group of girls and tapped one of the speakers on the shoulder. She turned around and I glared at her. “Get out of here now,” I growled angrily. Then I turned to all the girls, “All of you, go; now!”

The girls quickly disbursed, leaving me and Sarah alone. Sarah had covered her face with her hands and I saw tears leaking out from between her fingers. All my anger immediately changed to worry. They had really hurt her. I moved quietly up to her and carefully put my hand on her back. Sarah's head jerked up and locked eyes with me. Her cheeks reddened and she turned away, embarrassed to be caught crying like that. She began to stuff books in her locker and some from her locker into her backpack. I touched her shoulder again. “Sarah, I'm so sorry about them...”

“Don't be. They're jerks,” she interrupted me.

I sighed. I really wished there was something I could do to comfort her. I noticed that another tear had escaped her eye and was rolling gently down her rosy cheek. I made a snap decision right then and there. “Sarah,” I said as she closed her locker and flung her bag over her shoulder, “come with me, I'm taking you on a trip.”

Sarah looked up. “I'm fine, really...”

I brought my hand up to her cheek and brushed off the stray tear. “Don't let them get to you Sarah, they're just jealous jerks.”

Sarah took a deep breath and screwed her eyes shut. “I know, it's just...I don't know...”

At that point I did something on impulse that I probably would not have done in just about any other situation. I gently, almost hesitantly put my arms around Sarah's shoulders and pulled her close. Sarah sighed and leaned in against my chest. Soon the tears were flowing once again. It's kind of weird how, once you are in a place of comfort, it gets so much harder to hold back the tears. Once her crying had subsided I walked her slowly to my car and helped her in. Then I got in on the driver's side and we were off.

“Where are we going?” Sarah asked hesitantly after we had been on the road for a few minutes.

I grinned. “Were going shopping,” I told her.

Sarah gasped. “Really?” she asked incredulously.

“Really really;” I said, grinning wider, “my treat.”

“Oh, thank you so much Josh!” she said, leaning against me in a I-would-hug-you-but-you're-driving hug. I smiled. This was the happiest that I could remember being in a long time.

We pulled up at a J.C. Penny and Sarah jumped out giddily. I grinned, seeing her so happy gave me a warm feeling. We walked into the store and soon Sarah was trying on all sorts of clothes. I ended up getting her only two sets of clothing. I wanted to get her more but Sarah wouldn't allow it. She said it was too much. In the end I gave into her demands, though I wasn't very happy about it it. However, on our way out, I pulled her into a Starbucks and we had both got a frappe.

When we were done we both piled into the car. Just as I was about to start, I turned to Sarah. “How about you stay at my place tonight? You could meet my parents.”

“Well, I don't've already done so much...” Sarah replied hesitantly.

“Aw, don't worry about it. That was nothing. Come on, I'll drive you to school tomorrow as well.”

Sarah sighed theatrically. “Oh alright, I'll do it...for the ride to school,” she joked.

I grinned.

We made one more stop before I took us home however. It was the hair dresser's, where we both had our hair cut and styled. When I introduced Sarah to Mum, Mum was ecstatic. For the longest time Mum just fawned over the two of us. Offering drinks and small cakes. Soon however, Mum had to go and prepare tea, so we were left to our own devices. I got up from the couch we were sitting on and moved over to our collection of DVDs and blue-rays. “What do you want to watch?” I asked.

Sarah shrugged. “I don't know...I don't normally get to watch TV,” she responded.

I picked The Legend of the Guardians and put it in the blue-ray. Just as the movie finished mum came out and called us in to dinner. “Come on you two!” she called genially from the dining room, “It's time for tea!”

“Come on,” I urged Sarah as I got up and held out a hand to her, “let's go and eat.”

Sarah took my hand and we went in together. Sarah sat next to me as mum came around and filled our plates with rice, sweet peas, and juicy pork chops. I made a quick and silent prayer, and when I lifted my head back up Sarah looked at me happily. “You're a Christian too!” she exclaimed.

I grinned, “As a matter of fact I am. My parents aren't, but one of my friends brought me to church once, and I haven't stopped going ever since. It was after about the fifth time that I went that I actually made the decision to accept Jesus, but that was the best decision I have ever made,” I explained with a grin. “I take it you're a Christian as well?”

Sarah nodded vigorously but didn't offer an explanation as to how she come to know God; she was too busy eating. I decided that I was pretty hungry myself and so got down to eating. After dinner we both returned to the den and I brought out some games. We had a great time playing cards and Monopoly, but eventually Mum came in and declared that it was time for bed. We both sighed, but I brought Sarah to the guest room and made sure she was comfortable before leaving. “Goodnight Sarah.”

“Night Josh!”

I went up to my room, and after preparing for bed I was surprised to find that I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. The next morning I woke to my alarm and groaned. Time to get up already. I pulled myself out of bed and began to go around my room doing the usual school routine. Sarah was just coming out of her room as I sat down at the table with a bowl and cereal. I quickly got up and fetched her a bowl and spoon as well. “What kind of cereal do you want?” I asked. “Or would you prefer eggs and bacon?”

“I'll have whatever you are having,” Sarah replied, blushing slightly. I smiled and passed the box of Captain Crunch over to her. After we had finished we piled into the Ferrari and we were off for another day of school. 

The End

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