Sarah - Chris

I bit my lip and closed the door behind me, I heard the powerful engine rev and take off. The building was dark inside, but I could hear the buzz of a TV.

"Babe, is that you?" came a voice, I froze and re-opened the door, "Who is it?" the voice was closer, it was gruff and deep. I darted out the door and power-walked to a nearby tree, I squeezed behind it and stayed very still. I heard the man's footsteps come closer; suddenly a hand grabbed my shoulder and spun me round.

"Who are you?" he growled, his face was heavily pierced and tattooed, his eyes bore into mind as I tried to find a coherent answer,

"Sorry!" I cried, "I'm lost," he narrowed his eyes,

"Get off my land, you little trespasser!" he yelled, pushing me away. I stumbled and fell onto the road, getting up I wiped the blood off my elbow and began to run away. This neighborhood was bad, my friend Chris used to deal drugs in Beverly Hills but he soon realized that a night in Downtown LA got him triple the amount of money - so he moved. As I continued to run blindly down the streets I careered to a stop, I didn't know where I was. It was dark and dodgy figures were roaming in the alleyways, I whimpered as a silhouette came towards me,

"Sarah... is that you?" came a recognizable voice,

"Chris!" I smiled wrapping my arms around him,

"What are you doing here?" he asked putting his finger under my chin and lifting my face up towards him,

"I have no idea," I admitted, "but my luck has just maximized, what are the odds that I run into you?"

"How have you been anyways?" he asked kissing my cheeks,

"I've got two jobs still, saving up for some place to rent,"

"That'll be expensive! You should come live with me!" Chris smiled,

"I'd love to, but it's too far away from school," I replied,

"How about just for tonight, besides I'm not going to let you loose on this side of town, tonight of all nights,"

"Why not?" I asked,

"Two gangs have been talking about a fight for couple weeks now, it's happening tonight, according to my mate Darren, come on love, I'll get you back to my place - business is kinda dead because of the fight anyways," Chris put his arm around my shoulder in a fraternal way and escorted me to his bedsit. It was a room in a house, but he had a flat screen TV, double bed, kitchen area and large couch,

"Business can't be too bad," I noted, Chris smiled and offered me a beer; I took it and stole a pack of chips from under his nose. I crashed on the couch and opened the packet,

"Dude this is the life!" I cried returning to my old self,  

"That sounds more like you Sarah, I was beginning to think you were sounding like one of those Beverly Hills kids," he winked,

"I gotta fit in," I took a swig of the beer, "I can't have them know I live on the streets, some guess it from my attire, but I'm doing pretty well hiding it,"

"Lem'me have that back again, I forgot you're only 17. Have a soda instead," Chris threw me a can and I rolled my eyes,

"Thanks, I hate beer anyways,"

"You should have said something," Chris punched my arm gently, "I've missed you Sarah,"

"Same, but you gotta move on," I rested my head into the pillow and closed my eyes,

"I'll let you get some rest, see you in the morning," Chris got off the sofa and threw a blanket at me, "sweet dreams."


I overslept that morning and woke up at 8am, Chris handed me some new clothes and drove me to school, but by the time I got in, I was way too late.

"Where have you been?" Josh asked,

"I missed the bus," I lied, I hated lying to him, but I knew he'd never speak to me again if he knew the truth. I had no idea what the following day would bring - but that's the excitement of life, isn't it?


The End

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