As I drove Sarah home, the neighborhoods started to look worse and worse. The houses began to look rundown and the people didn’t look like they meant well. “This is my block, I’ll get out here,” Sarah said and moved to get out.

"No I'll drop you by your house," I insisted, the people here didn’t look kind and, I realized, my pulling up in such a nice car wouldn’t help her.

“It’s that one,” Sarah said, pointing to a red brick building near us. It had a dark, graffitied sign above it reading, “Ben’s Diner”

“That’s a restaurant…” I trailed off…was she lying to me? If so, then why?

“I live next to it,” Sarah replied.

I raised my eyebrows, but pulled up next to the old-looking concrete building. Sarah got out and waved. I stayed however…I wasn’t stupid, I could usually tell when someone was lying. However, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and waited for her to actually go into the house. Sarah groaned and moved up to the door, pretending to fumble for her keys. She glanced behind her once as she opened the door, then went inside and closed the door.

I sighed; I guess she hadn’t been lying. Maybe it had been my mistake…I slowly turned around and drove off. When I had just enough time to finish my homework before dinner. At around eight pm, I signed on to MSN to talk to some of my friends from back home in England. It was late by the time I finally signed off so I just went straight to bed.

RIIIING!! My alarm went off and I slammed my hand down where it should have been. However, I had forgotten that my parents had gotten the kind that starts to roll around as soon as it starts ringing so it had moved onto the floor and was now moving randomly about the room. I groaned and then stretched before heaving myself up out of bed and catching my alarm clock. After hitting the snooze button, I set it back onto my nightstand and began my morning ritual of getting ready for school.

“Morning Josh,” laughed mum as I came down the stairs. My hair was still a mess and my expression probably betrayed the fact that I was still not awake…hence the laughter in mum’s voice.

I stuffed down a bowl of cereal then grabbed my book bag and headed to school. I waited around for Sarah all morning, but she didn’t arrive. I began to worry, what if she had been hurt by some of the people in her neighborhood because she had been seen in my Ferrari with me. I would never be able to forgive myself for that. Halfway through English class though, Sarah cracked open the door. I grinned happily and looked at the teacher. She had her back to us at the time so I quickly motioned her to come in and sit.

Sarah tiptoed in and sat next to me. “Where have you been?” I mouthed to her.

She shrugged. “I missed the bus,” she replied in a whisper.

I nodded, and then my worry had been unfounded, good. After English class, Sarah and I were walking to our “lockers” as Sarah called them. I stopped to tie my shoe, and Sarah kept moving without realizing I had stopped. A guy stepped in front of her, blocking her path. “What have you got for me today Sarah?” he asked with a cocky grin on his face. I hated him already.

Sarah glanced at where I would have been had I not stopped to tie my shoes, then glanced back at the boy. “I-I don’t have anything Hans,” she stuttered.

“Yeah right, hand over the lunch money before I have to teach you a lesson about honesty girl,” he sneered at her.

I stood up immediately, there was no way I was going to just stand by and watch anyone…let alone my new friend Sarah...get bullied.

Sarah winced. “I really don’t have anything Hans!”

“Oh yeah? Well, then…you’re in for some trouble now aren’t you?” Hans replied. He managed to get one good punch in before I could get to him, throwing Sarah to the floor. “This is what you get when you don’t tell the truth Sarah, now hand over the mon—“ He didn’t get any farther than that because I kicked him to the floor.

“This is what you get for bullying,” I replied before slamming my fist into the side of his head, knocking him unconscious. I immediately turned to Sarah. “Are you ok?” I asked worriedly.

Sarah was already sitting up and rubbing her arm. “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” she said as she started to get up. “He was only trying to scare me…he actually isn’t all that tough.”

I extended my hand to help Sarah get up. There was not a chance in the world that I was going to let that happen again…for the rest of the school day I escorted her from class to class. Whenever she was in a class that I wasn’t I made sure to be ready to get up and leave as soon as the bell signaling the end of class rang. I rushed over to the door of her classroom and waited for her to emerge so that I could escort her to her next class.

That night when I told my friends back in England about Sarah and what had happened, he began to laugh. “I think you like her!” he said, between XD’s and lol’s.

“She just looked like she needed a friend!” I retorted…though when he had come out and said it that way…maybe I did like her…

“Uh-huh…that’s what they all say Josh. You like her, admit it!”

“Oh alright!” I admitted, “So maybe I do like her! What’s wrong with that?” I retorted.

“HA! I knew it! Josh is in lo-ove! Everyone is going to hear about this you know! Hehehehe”

“Oh shut up Andrew,” I groaned. I shouldn’t have told him about Sarah…now he would be teasing me about her every time we chatted. I sighed…I guess I would have to live with it…I wonder if she likes me too…

The End

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