Sarah - The Web of Lies

After consuming my weight in donuts Josh ended up eating the rest, he patted his stomach contently and smiled at me,

"You Americans really do know how to eat; I'll give you that," he laughed, "Although it doesn't look like you take that for granted,"

"What do you mean?" I asked licking some sugar off my fingers,

"You're so thin!" he exclaimed, I began to feel self conscious again as his eyes scanned my torso,

"I haven't got an appetite fit for two men!" I smiled pointing at him,

"I'm growing!" Josh laughed, "Well even if I'm not, it all goes somewhere," he grinned again,

"You don't need to grow, you're already a giant," Josh pretended to be offended, I blushed,

"Actually I shouldn't pretend to be offended; I don't take insults from midgets,"

"Well I am offended!" I cried, the smile breaking through my façade, Joshua smiled back and put the donut boxes into the trash. "We better get back to class," I said looking at the clock - I should really get a watch I decided.

"I keep forgetting about how short these lunch breaks are!" Joshua said getting up and holding the door open for me,

"Thank you," I smiled sincerely, "Thank you for the donuts and staying with me,"

"It's no problem," Joshua crossed the road with me, "Want to go to maths?" he asked,

"I hate math," I complained as we walked through the staring crowds into school.


After school Joshua got pulled behind to talk to the teacher about catching up with geometry, apparently they didn't focus on some topics over in England. I quickly escaped, not because I didn't like Joshua, he was sweet and going to be a good friend - I hoped. But merely because I needed to get to work and I didn't want him to know that I did work, I ran out the school gates, my backpack high on my back. I felt like a freshman. Once a decent distance away from school, far enough that Joshua wouldn't see me and follow; I slowed and walked to the sports complex, today I was working in the weight's room. I began to tidy up the stray skipping ropes and weights; I then cleaned the equipment and checked all the electrical equipment was working.  Working in the weight's room was my favourite, I usually did it every fortnight, and it was relaxing and calm. People pushed themselves to their limits, usually in silence, and so some music was played over the speakers. I loved music, but couldn't listen to it on an ipod or MP3 player, so these were one of the only times I could hear it. A woman had been running for about twenty minutes, she came each week and tried to beat her personal best, her name was Fiona and she was always very nice to me. I noticed she was beginning to slow up and so I went up to her,

"Come on Fiona!" I enthused, "keep going," Fiona groaned and pushed herself. I clapped as she reached her target and stepped off, she glugged down her water and smiled at me.

"Hello Sarah, how are you today?"

"Fine thanks," I smiled showing someone how to slow the running machine down. Fiona smiled and waved goodbye, the personal trainer Jeff walked up to me, he was a young, muscular man. Employed more for his looks than his personal training skill, and he knew it,

"Good job Sarah," he gave me the thumbs up, "You almost do my job as well as I do," I laughed quietly, he was also renowned for his arrogance.


"Shall I put in a word for you at reception?" he asked,

"What for?" I asked kicking an exercise ball to a woman; she picked it up and carried it off,

"You're only in here once every two weeks, how about if I get you in once a week? Little promotion, how'd you like that?" I grinned,

"I'd love it!" I smiled, Jeff smiled and winked. After my shift I grabbed a towel from reception and took a shower - I had to stay clean somehow. Once I had dried myself off, got changed and signed out, I made my way outside. Jeff caught up with me,

"Here Sarah, you're new outfit," Jeff presented a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, "I couldn't have you wandering around in those rags," he grinned.

"Thanks Jeff!" I high-fived him and burst through the door ecstatic, today had been the best day of my life so far! I looked up at the sky and sent a silent prayer to whoever was up there, suddenly I collided with someone.

"I'm so sorry!" I cried as I crashed to the ground, dropping my new uniform,

"It's alright," said a recognisable British voice, "hey it's you!" I looked up from the floor at Joshua and mentally slapped myself,

"Hi," I said getting up slowly and wiping myself down,

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I smiled, "thanks,"

"What are you doing here?" he asked,

"This is my gym," I said inclining my head,

"That's why you're in such good shape," his eyes automatically went down to my thin frame,

"So....!" I called quickly, I hated people looking at my clothes, after close inspection one day at school, a kid asked me why I wore his Grandma's old jumper. He knew it was hers because he'd drawn on it, and sure enough there was a picture of a car on the arm.

"So?" Joshua asked,

"I've got to go, get home," I smiled,

"The rents angry?" he asked,

"The rents?" I asked,

"Your mum and dad?" he checked,

"Ohh, yeah, Mom gets very angry when I'm home late," Josh nodded,

"I know the feeling," he grinned, "mind if I drive you home? Just I don't know much of LA and you've been here all your life and plus, it is dark," my brain wouldn't function, it only screamed ‘NO!'

"No, it's alright, it's in totally the wrong direction to your house," I admitted,

"How do you know where I live?" he questioned,

"I heard someone talking about you," I lied again; my web was getting bigger and bigger.

"Well I live right over there," he pointed towards where I live,

"Yeah, and I live that way," I pointed the other way,

"You live in Downtown Los Angeles?" he asked sceptically,

"Yeah," I nodded,

"Right, there's no stopping me Sarah, I'm taking you home. I know LA is a nice city and all, but at night, I've heard it's not safe, especially for young girls like you," Joshua took my arm and dragged me towards his car; it was one of the most expensive things I'd seen.

"It's a little flashy, granted." He shrugged, "gets me from A to B, now get in," I opened the door and hopped in, "You want to drive?" Josh asked,

"It's an English car," I smiled and got out, getting in the other side, "Better." Josh started the car and revved the engine, "Show off," I muttered, Josh grinned and sped off towards Downtown LA, in completely the wrong direction. He slowed as we reached the area,

"Where now?" he asked,

"Left," I murmured watching as the scenes became more and more unfamiliar. "This is my block, I'll get out here," I said,

"No I'll drop you by your house," Josh insisted,

"It's that one," I pointed at a house, it was made of bricks and had a red roof,

"That's a restaurant," Joshua said,

"I live next to it," Josh had slowed down enough for me to open the door; I hopped onto the curve and waved at him. He didn't drive away; I groaned and turned towards the ugly, concrete house. I walked to the door and froze, glancing back he was still watching me intently, I pretended to get my key out and unlock the door. One last look- Josh wasn't going anywhere, and I opened the door to the stranger's house and stepped in.

The End

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