"You said I shouldn't hang with her, and then you walk into school with her!" I complained to Jake.

“Her mom makes me!” Jake retorted with a grin. As he did I saw Sarah’s back stiffen…Jake had lied, and hurt her too.

“Wrong answer,” I said, disgusted that he would lie just to save his popularity, he was just like my parents.

I turned from him and caught up with Sarah. “Hey, what’s up?” I asked in a voice that I hoped communicated friendliness.

Sarah didn’t answer. “Hey, I’m not Jake…I’m really sorry he did that to you…”

“Why do you want to be friends with me?” Sarah cut in with a voice that betrayed how hurt she was that no one seemed to want to be around her.

I thought about that for a moment before answering. “Because…you looked like you could use one.”

Sarah sniffed. “Why in the world would you want to do that when there are other, more beautiful, rich and popular…girls out there just begging for your attention?”

“Because…from my experience of them so far…they are a lot shallower,” I replied. Sarah didn’t reply immediately so I decided to try again. “So ah, how about I take you to lunch at the Krispy Kreme today…it would be my treat!” (A Krispy Kreme was located right across the road from the school and so that was the first place that came to my mind)

Sarah stopped dead in her tracks. “You…would take me to Krispy Kreme?” she asked, her eyes widened…it was like no one had ever done anything nice to her before! This I would have to change.

I grinned widely, “Sure! Why not?”

Sarah took such a quick intake of breath that it was audible. Then she turned away, “I couldn’t…if you did that then you would lose your chances with all the popular kids,” she whispered.

I shook my head. “If they are that concerned about who they and their friends hang out with, then I don’t really care.”

“I still couldn’t do that to you…” she said again, staring at her worn out shoe as she scuffed the ground with it uncomfortably.

I put my hand under her chin and lifted her eyes to mine. “Sarah, whether you like it or not, I’ve decided to be your friend. You have two choices: you could either try to ignore me; or you could just accept it and learn to live with this weird new Brit who seems to be a bit wacky upstairs,” I finished with a grin.

That brought a smile to Sarah’s face and I smiled back…she looked better with a smile… “Well, since you put it that way…I guess I’ll go.”

“Great!” I enthused…mum and dad would not approve of what I was doing…but they weren’t Christian…and I was doing what I felt called to do. “We’re off to English then…this time you sit next to me instead of all alone. I don’t care if you still insist on sitting in that lonely corner of the room.”

Sarah grinned and blushed simultaneously; I smiled. Making people happy always cheered me up, no matter what my mood. And now, I was finally be given a chance to give up a little bit of my own comfort in order to do what I knew that God would have me do. I silently thanked God as I walked with Sarah to class. As we all sat down in English class, Amber motioned for me to come and sit by her. I shook my head and sat myself down in the desk right next to Sarah. I watched with a slight pang of regret as Amber’s mouth opened in a round “O” of surprised indignance…she wouldn’t be hanging around with me anymore…Ah well, I looked over at Sarah; she was definitely looking brighter than she had before. That made it all worthwhile. She was actually quite pretty now that I thought about it. Her thick, brown, curly hair was pretty messy, yet it went with her style pretty well. She had piercingly bright blue eyes that seemed innocent, and yet at the same time as if she had seen many things that she really would rather she hadn’t. She was well built, and I could see the muscles of her arms working. She was wearing a thread-bare t-shirt and worn, knee-length jeans because it was a warm day today. It was California after all, and only September at the moment. I saw her start to tilt her head in my direction and quickly looked away, embarrassed to be caught gawping at her.

The hours rushed quickly by and soon it was lunch break. I waited for Sarah to gather up her books from our government class, and then we headed out for Krispy Kreme. Sarah was practically bouncing as we headed across the street and into the shop. “I’ll take two fresh glazed donuts please, and…What do you want Sarah?” I asked. When I turned around Sarah was just gawping at the menu. I grinned. “What’s the matter Sarah? You look like you’ve never had a donut before!”

Sarah turned pink and shook her head. “I haven’t.”

My eyes widened. “Well then, that changes things!” I commented then turned back to the man at the desk. “I’ll take two of each thing on the menu please.”

The man eyed me suspiciously. “You sure you can pay for all that?” he asked. I nodded and placed a $50 bill on the desk between us.

“That should cover it right?” I asked. The man nodded. “Keep the change,” I said.

The man grinned and went into the back to gather up my order. When he re-emerged he had two big, pink boxes full of donuts with him; one in each hand.

“Here you are sir,” he said, handing over the boxes.

“Thank you,” I nodded then turned and walked over to Sarah, who was seated at one of the tables in the little building.

I put the boxes on the table and opened one of them. A few wisps of steam curled out of them and Sarah sniffed them delightedly. “Help yourself!” I offered, and pushed the box toward her.

“Thank you so much!” Sarah exclaimed, and then closed her eyes happily as she took her first bite.

I grinned; it was moments like these, I decided, that God had created us for. 

The End

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