Crossing Paths

Very rich british guy...very poor american girl...what's going to happen?



“Hurry up Josh or you’ll be late for your first day of school!” mum called from the kitchen.

“Just give me a bit longer mum!” I called from my room. I quickly went through my mental checklist.

Bag packed? Yes.

Wallet? Yes

Mobile? I patted my pockets, no mobile. I looked around my room and found my blackberry sitting on my bedside table. After putting it in its sock and stuffing it into my pocket, I ran quickly downstairs again. I gave mum a quick peck on the cheek, “Bye mum, see you later.”

“Have a good time and drive safely big guy!” mum called after me.

I walked-jogged into the garage and got into my new Ferrari and headed to school. My parents had enrolled me in Beverly Hills Public School because they didn’t like private schools and they thought I would have a better chance of finding friends here. It was about a ten-minute drive to school, and when I got there people immediately started staring at my Ferrari. I grinned, Beverly Hills may be a rich place, but public school was not where the rich went to, so a brand new Ferrari in the school parking lot would attract a lot of attention. I got out and locked the doors securely before heading to school.

A whole bunch of people were staring at me as I went into school and I started to get kind of embarrassed; I wasn’t used to being the center of attention, and I realized that I really didn’t enjoy it all that much. At the school entrance I was enveloped in a crowd of people. “It’s a new guy! What’s your name?” one guy asked.

“I’m Josh,” I replied.

“Ooh he’s British!” one of the girls exclaimed excitedly.

I rolled my eyes…I wasn’t interested in the girls that were as shallow as that one sounded.

Just then the bell rang and everyone hurried inside to the assembly hall to get a list of his or her classes. Once I had gotten back out into the hall again I looked at my sheet of classes. English first…that wasn’t a bad way to start out the day, I quite liked English. There was only one problem…I didn’t know where English class was. That problem was easily solved however.

I turned to a girl next to me and gave her a dazzling smile. “Excuse me, I’m new here…could you perhaps point me to the English room?”

The girl looked delightedly at me. “Of course I can! Here, just follow me.” She offered, then took my hand and placed herself uncomfortably close to me as she led me to my English class. “I’m in English right now too!” she explained happily.

I tried to edge away from her slightly and let go of her hand, but she just moved with me and even came a bit closer. “I’m Amber,” she introduced herself.

“Well, very pleased to meet you Amber…” I trailed off, unsure of what to say next.

She smiled brightly at me and then led me into the class. She chose a seat right next to me in English and refused to budge even when her friends motioned her over. I grimaced…looks like I had attracted a follower already…one I wasn’t sure I wanted. Mum would happy though…a girlfriend on my first day…that would make mum very happy. So long as this girl friend wasn’t some bum off the street at any rate; my parents are so proud of their riches and they care so much about their social standing that they forget to look at the other benefits sometimes. Often they even overlook their own feeling on the matter if it means a chance to advance their social standings.

Our teacher came in just as the bell that signaled the beginning of class rang. She was a short messy looking woman of around 30 years. She was wearing a forest green turtleneck that complemented her bright green eyes. She had messy brown hair that looked like she had made several failed attempts to keep it under control. I liked her immediately; she had a certain look about her that said she was one of those kindly, and somewhat forgetful kind of people.

After setting a pile of books and loose papers on her desk she pulled a crumpled sheet of paper out of her pocket and consulted it for a few minutes before speaking. “Welcome all of you to your junior year of high school! Most of you have been here all your life so you guys know the rules; however, we have one new student here today! His name is Joshua!” At this point she looked directly at me. “Joshua would you please stand up and introduce yourself?”

I stood up and began a little shyly, “My name is Joshua…you can probably tell from my accent that I am British, my parents just got a job here in Beverly Hills so we moved here a few weeks ago. I’m still getting used to it here…but so far America has been a blast!”

“Thank you Joshua!” the teacher smiled at me. “I am Ms. Tanner, now would all of you please take turns introducing yourselves?”

Ms. Tanner pointed to each student and he or she said his or her first name. “I’m Chris.”

“I’m Daniel.”

“I’m Matt.”

“I’m Tanya.”

“I’m Emily.” And so on till the person at the back of the class finally introduced herself.

“I’m Sarah.” She didn’t say anything different than what everyone else had said nor did she have any other inflection. However, I saw that the rest of the class seemed to sneer at her as she said it. And when she sat down again after introducing herself, she seemed to shrink back into her desk, trying to become invisible. I wondered why that was. She looked like she was probably five foot three or five foot four. She wasn’t ugly at all…as a matter of fact she was rather pretty! Her brown hair fell in a curly, slightly messed up way down her suited her quite well. Piercing blue eyes peered out intelligently from under well-formed eyebrows. She wore no makeup whatsoever, which was strange because it seemed that every other girl in this school was...yet...she still looked very pretty. Her clothes were old and threadbare, but they were clean enough.  I shrugged; I would have to find out later.


Later that day, at lunchtime, Amber hurried me off to the lunch hall and sat me at a table full of what seemed to be all the cool people in the school. So, I was already part of the “in” crowd. That was pretty cool. As I left however I noticed that the girl, Sarah, from English class was sitting at the table where all the loners sat. They weren’t talking to one another and Sarah wasn’t even eating, she was just sitting there staring at the table contemplatively. As I passed by her I stopped. “Hey, I noticed you haven’t gotten anything to eat…would you like me to get something for you?”

The End

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