Nithya hated having to stay behind at the end of the day to do work. Marking papers was incredibly dull. She'd decided to do it in the staff room so she could make a cup of tea at the same time. No one else was in there so she didn't have to go slowly like a normal person.

She was halfway through when her mobile chimed. She picked it up. 1 message it said. She opened it and sighed. It was from Senka.

Still not done? Geez, woman, you're as slow as a human! What's taking you so long? I'm hungry, hurry up! S.

"Love you, too, Senka," Nithya murmured, "You know you could make something yourself or go out to eat." Nithya heard a chuckled and glanced up startled.

"From what little I've seen and heard of her, your sister seems a piece of work," Eae smiled kindly.

"Tell me about it," Nithya laughed. She began to pack away her papers, planning to do them later at home. She'd rather have done them now but she didn't like being alone with people other than her sister. It was nothing personal against Eae, it was just an old habit.

She swung her bag onto her shoulder. She said goodbye to Eae and left. Once she left the grounds she looked around, making sure no one was watching before running at demonic speed.

About a minute later she slammed the door shut. Senka was standing there with her arms crossed loosely. She was wearing skin-tight jeans and a low cut, brown top that showed her tattoo of a dark purple, burning cross. It was their family's symbol. Not very original but hey! The sisters rarely showed their tattoos so this instantly put Nithya on alert.

"Finally," Senka said, "Get changed. I've booked us in at this restaurant."

"Oh yeah?" Nithya gave her sister a sidelong look, "Since when did you get responsible? What's so special about this place?" Senka shrugged.

"Just figured you'd like a break from cooking," Senka answered lightly but she shifted awkwardly. Nithya gave her a suspicious look then darted upstairs to change. She came down in a plain, designer, black dress. It just reached her knees and was a strap dress. You could see her blood red, burning cross tattoo. If Senka was showing hers there had to be a reason and Nithya figured she might as well follow her sister's lead for once. It wasn't like any Angels could identify them because of the tattoos.

They left and walked at a casual human pace. Senka was unusually eager to get to this place. Nithya's frown deepened as they neared the restaurant. When they actually stepped inside the building, Nithya froze.

"Senka!" she hissed, "Why didn't you tell me you found others?"

"I didn't know if you'd approve or not of me making contact," Senka hissed back.

"Can I help you?" A waitress asked. The Crossfires turned to see a averaged height, beautiful demon. All three demons paused for a second. While Senka and Nithya had known there was at least one other demon, it was still a shock. The other demon looked like she was having a heart attack.

"Ah... yes please. We had a table booked under Crossfire," Senka recovered first. This demon had dark blonde hair and brown eyes with hints of gold in them. She looked like she was half-japanese, half-english.

"You're the Crossfires?" the waitress whispered. She glanced at their tattoos, "Of course you are. She'll be so excited!"

"Who?" Nithya demanded quietly after exchanging a startled glance with Senka.

"Let me show you to your table and then I'll get her. I'm Yokai, by the way, Yokai Hozumi."

"It's a great pleasure," Nithya said sincerely. They were led to their table and sat down. Yokai assured them she'd be right back and darted away. Senka and Nithya waited anxiously, pretending to look at the menu.

"Ms. Crossfire and Ms. Crossfire?" a quiet, calming voice inquired. They glanced up and froze. Their shock before was nothing compared to their shock now.

She had violet coloured hair that had layers. It just reached her shoulders. She was a demon. It wasn't her unusual hair colour or what species she was that struck them though.

It was her jade green eyes.

Amongst demons, they were never found outside the Crossfire family.

"Hello, Cousins," she grinned, "Tumsa Crossfire. Pleased to meet you at last."


"I still can't believe it!" Senka was shaking her head after listening to Tumsa's tales, "We were told you'd died with Uncle Sethos!" Tumsa snorted.

"Nearly died, I was buried for hours under the smoldering rubble, like I already told you," Tumsa rolled her eyes but grinned broadly. "I can't believe we finally found each other. I've heard so many rumours of you two. Managing to stay hidden. The Angels would love to finish off our family."

"I'm surprised you've survived this long while fighting Hunters, coz," Nithya raised an eyebrow.

"Our parents lasted a fair few years," Tumsa pointed out and Nithya lowered her eyes. Her parent's deaths still tore her apart inside.

"Sorry, cousin," Tumsa said gently after a moment of grief filled silence.

"S'alright," Nithya whispered.

"We have to talk more but Nithya and I should be going for the time being," Senka rose, "Nithya still has papers to mark." The two other Crossfires stood up and they said their goodbyes.

Life just got more and more interesting for the sisters.

The End

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