'Home, Sweet Home'Mature

Lucas glanced towards Senka, her dark red hair hung down around her face as she tapped her pen against the paper, something was different about her. He looked up to where Nithya was just finishing the lesson, for a teacher who had apparently only started being a qualified teacher and few months ago she was doing amazingly. She held every students attention and seemed to know the syllabus off by heart, not stumbling over words or fuddling around with what they were meant to be doing. It was like she had been teaching for much longer then she claimed but there was no way that could be. He frowned, Nithya could be no older then 18, a years difference with most of the students in the class, including himself, except she seemed to brush off any flirtatious actions of the boys.

Many a time Nithya had fended off the attacks of Drake, yet Drake seemed determined to get her attention. Lucas noticed how Loralei was shooting daggers at Senka. He turned back round and glanced at Senka while acting like he wasn't, he looked down at the paper for a second then back up at Senka. She was glaring at him, her green eyes piercing him, he felt a shiver down his back and something seemed to shift inside him.

The bell rang right at that second and Senka grabbed her books, moving away from Lucas before he could stop her. Just as he was leaving the class room Mr.Eae brushed past him, their eyes met for a split second before Eae moved on into the class room Miss.Crossfire was still in. Lucas turned around and stared at the door for a second before turning round and running down the corridor. Something was going on, what was with these two sisters!

Lucas grabbed his bag from his locker and made his way outside of school,

"Lucas! Lucas, wait up!!" He slowed his pace and glanced back towards the school, a girl was running up towards him, her hair was tied back into a pony tail and was a light brown. The backpack she was wearing seemed to be too big for her, she stopped in front of Lucas, panting slightly, she wasn't very tall, around 5 ft by his guess.

"Hey Laura, I thought you had a club meeting." Laura raised her eyebrow and folded her arms in front of her, she gave Lucas a look with her deep brown eyes.

"What? What I say?" Lucas said giving her a confused look.

"Nothing. Nothing." She began moving towards the school gate.

"H-Hey! Wait up!" Lucas began to run after her, out of no where someone stuck their foot out in front of him and Lucas fell to the ground with a cry of surprise. His elbow grazed against the concrete and he could hear people sniggering behind him. Laura ran over to him and helped him up,

"Lucas are you ok?!" Lucas glanced behind him and noticed Drake smirking at him.

"Yeah I'm fine, must have tripped over my own two feet." He winced in pain and he tried to moved his elbow,

"Hey... Laura I got to go now, sorry!" He moved away from her and spun back round waving,

"I'll see you tomorrow OK?" He turned left out of the school gates and made his way over to the park, once there he went over to the water fountain and splashed water onto his elbow. It stung like hell and tears formed in the corners of his eyes, he walked over to a bench and put his backpack down, he dug around inside it and pulled out a plaster. Someone stood in front of him and he looked up to see Senka glaring at him.

"Stupid..." She muttered before spinning around and storming away,

"Stupid human," He was unsure if he had heard her right but got up and chased after her.

"Wait! Wait a second!!" She moved round the corner and Lucas followed a step behind but she had disappeared.

He got home and threw his bag onto his bed,

"Mum! You home yet?" No one replied, Lucas sighed and went downstairs into the kitchen, a pink post-stick note was on the fridge, he pulled it off and read his mum's scruffy hand writing.

Gone out with friends! Don't wait for me, should be back by midnight early morning. Call for Pizza.

Love Mum

He sighed and screwed the note up, chucking it in the bin, he went back upstairs and grabbed his laptop off the desk. A piece of paper floated down along with it, Lucas bent down and picked it up. Bills, more bills.

He went back downstairs and heard a scratching at the living room door,

"I'm coming, I'm coming..." Lucas tried to push the door open but only got it open a crack before a little black nose poked it's way out.

"Oscar, I can't open it if you don't move!"He pushed harder and Oscar moved away slightly, allowing him to open the door further. A streak of Black and brown fur ran out of the room and skidded across the laminate flooring crashing into the wall across from the door, Lucas shook his head and muttered,

"One day that dog will have his own personal hole there." He smiled and bent down to pet Oscar on the head, the dog pushed his face into Lucas' hand and began licking his face. For a Yorkshire Terrier that dog could still jump high enough to reach Lucas' face.

Lucas laughed and stood back up, moving into the living room. The room was set up in a modern fashion with white walls and black sofa's. It was quite bare apart from two sofa's, a TV, a coffee table and a small electric fire. To Lucas it didn't really feel like home, it felt like in was in some showroom. Everything crisp and clean, brand new and un spoiled. Nothing to suggest that a family lived there. Although it was just Lucas and his Mum, who wasn't even home half the time.

Lucas sat down and switched his laptop on, Oscar jumped up beside him and watched as Lucas began typing away on the computer. Something was strange about those Crossfire Sister's... and he was going to find out what.

The End

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