'The Angel who Thwarts Demons'Mature

Senka watched her sister leave. Anger bubbled up inside her. A small part of her realised the truth of Nithya's words but it was being drowned out by the larger part of her that was sick of just sitting around. Senka hated death but she also hated not doing anything for the survival of their kind.

Senka also didn't like the fact that her sister kept treating her like a child.

She was anything but. After all, she was one hundred and seventy-six years old.

Senka took a deep breath and stared at her hands on the table; forcing herself to calm down. Nithya was right about one thing: Senka was very impulsive and when angry she was even more so.

They really couldn't afford to make mistakes.

Once slightly more calm, Senka raised her eyes and glanced at the boy Nithya had spotted earlier. He truly did seem engrossed in his book. Had he heard anything? It seemed unlikely but still...

She examined him  closely. Brown hair, brown eyes, or hazel (she couldn't see properly at that angle), tall-ish and well built.

Senka stood up and started to leave. As she passed his table she saw the top of some school books in his bag. Lucas Roe. Senka had been raised to believe that a name could tell you a lot about a person and Roe (if she remembered correctly) meant shyness, speed and hunting. Something to do with 'deer' as well. Senka smiled slightly. Nithya would be scolding her for not paying attention to her lectures on names.

As Senka brushed past Mr. Roe and as his eyes lifted the same thing that had passed between her sister and him, passed between them. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up on end; chills shivering down her spine. Senka frowned and the boy lowered his eyes; blushing furiously.

Senka stepped outside and the harsh wind whipped at her face, blowing her hair in her eyes.  She sighed and walked off in search of Nithya.


"Remind me why I'm here again?" Senka hissed to Nithya (or rather Miss Crossfire, the teacher of Critical Thinking), "You'd think after sixty years of the same syllabas they'd come up with something new!"

"Hush, Senka," Nithya giggled then appraised her sister, "And here I thought you'd be complaining about the uniform not the lessons!"

"Don't get me started on this hideous thing," Senka gestured to the knee length, grey dress.

"You shouldn't insult the school dress code in front of a teacher," Nithya chastened lightly. Senka stuck her tongue out at Nithya. The two sisters had assumed their roles for three days now. Senka being an A-Level student and Nithya a teacher. Just so she could annoy her sister she had chosen to take Critical Thinking as well as Religious Studies, Latin and Biology.

Abruptly, Nithya's face grew serious and lost its smile. "You've felt it, too, haven't you?" she said, too quietly for any humans. Senka nodded, grimly. There were traces all over the school. Senka's instincts screamed at her, telling her to get the hell away from here, but if the sisters left as suddenly as they'd arrived then they would draw attention to themselves.

Senka saw that Nithya's face had grown rather dark. Senka hated it when her older sister withdrew into herself so much.

"Guess what you've got this afternoon!" Senka said in a sing-song voice, trying to lighten the mood.

"What?" Nithya asked, looking startled.

"Me!" Senka teased, "Double Critical Thinking, aren't you the lucky one?"

"Oh, yes, without a doubt," Nithya muttered, "Why don't you just kill me now and have done with it?"

"Aw, I'm not that bad," Senka grinned.

"That's what you think," Nithya's lips twitched, "But in this instance, you're right. You're not that bad."

"Thank you," Senka smiled.

"You're worse," Nithya added. Senka glowered at her but then her attention was diverted by two people colliding. A teacher and a student with brown hair. Lucas Roe again. The Crossfires exchanged glances and moved over to assist. The teacher had a gentle face and was dismissing Lucas's apologies.

"Don't worry about it," the teacher was saying. He saw Nithya and Senka approaching and smiled.

"Ah, Miss Crossfire and..?"

"Miss Crossfire, funnily enough. We're sisters, can't you tell?" Senka raised an eyebrow. Nithya nudged her sister.

"Be polite," she scolded, "Mr. Eae, this is my little sister Senka."

"Eae?" Senka repeated, both sisters smiled at the irony.

"Yes," Eae said, stiffly.

"As in the angel who thwarts Demons?" Senka asked, with a dry edge.

"Right," Eae laughed, "And do you take Religious Studies, Miss Crossfire?"

"Unfortunately," Senka said almost silently. Only a Demon's (or an Angel's) ears could have heard her. More loudly she said, "Yes, sir."

"Me too," Lucas said to her and then flushed red. The three of them turned their eyes on him; Nithya indifferent, Eae smiling and Senka cold. She still remembered the shivers she'd felt the other day when their eyes had met.

"Do the three of you know one another?" Eae asked, cheerfully.

"From afar," Senka said shortly, "Come on Nith - Miss Crossfire, or we'll be late."

"It seems that you and Mr. Roe have several lessons together," Eae stated.

"What?" Senka whirled back around.

"Lucas takes Critical Thinking," Eae informed them.

"Oh, good," Nithya said enthusiastically.

"Oh, good..." Senka muttered sarcastically.

The End

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