The Story BeginsMature

April, 2010

Nithya tapped her pen absently on the paper as she watched Senka slide into the chair next to her.

"Before you say it Senka, you are going to school!" Senka pulled a face as she narrowed her eyes at Nithya.

"But why?! Why do I have to be a student while your applying to be a teacher!" Nithya smiled and tapped Senka's forehead,

"Because I'm not impulsive." Senka frowned but soon a smile was tugging at the corner of her mouth.

"So what do you have to do this time?" Nithya growled and stabbed the paper that was placed in front of her. The pen snapped in two and Senka glanced round the café,

"Nithya!" Nithya blinked and looked at the pen,

"Uh... oops..." She quickly grabbed another from her bag and replaced it with the broken one.

"It was so much simpler 50 years ago!" Nithya murmured,

"Look!" She placed a finger on the page, "How long have you been teaching for?... Where were you born?... What am I meant to put? 175 years and I was born in Hell? I remember when all you needed was a name and the ability to count and read!"

Senka smirked and replied, "Well, technically, we're both old enough to teach. I mean we are over 100 years old."

Nithya smothered a laugh, something caught the corner of her eye and she glanced around. She noticed a human boy sitting in the corner of the cafe... he couldn't have heard... could he? Nithya  looked at the boy for a moment longer, he had brown hair that covered his eyes and wore clothes that covered up most of his body. Nithya knew the signs, a boy who suffered from the ignorance of human kind.

"Nithya... Nithya!?" Senka was holding the form in her hand and gave Nithya a questioning look.

"You ok?" Senka glanced back to where Nithya had been looking. Nithya watched her sister with quiet interest and saw that the very thought that had passed her mind was working through hers'.

Senka spun back round and whispered,

"You don't think...?"

"I don't think so..."

"But what if-?"

"No, he couldn't have..."

The two sisters looked at each other and then turned back to look at the boy again. As if almost feeling eyes watching him the boy glanced up from the book he was reading and noticed Nithya and Senka looking at him, he glanced back down at the book then back at them then back down at the book. Nithya noted the slight change in colour around his ears,

"A curious kind humans are." Senka said to herself,

"Wouldn't you say sister?"

"Yes... yes indeed." Something was bothering Nithya about the boy, she glanced down at the book he was reading 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde, it was about a human man who is spellbound by his own picture, and so utters a wish. In exchange for his soul he would have eternal youth.

Nithya admired the irony of this, for demons were often thought to make deals with humans in exchange for their souls, it wasn't true.

"Oscar Wilde... Didn't we meet him once?" Nithya looked back at her sister,

"You remember? We met him when he was about 17? I think he had a thing for you," Nithya chuckled while her sister scowled at her,

"Shut up!" Nithya chuckled again and noticed the boy looking at them.

"Anyway, come on your meant to be helping me with this." Nithya whispered pointing back at the sheet.

"Ratthorn High School, home to the greatest minds," Senka mocked.

"It's the only one that doesn't care too much about personal life or background in this whole region." Nithya hissed. She picked up the pen again and started scribbling down information.

"Remember, we have to stay un-detected and that's easier if we have a reason for being here, it's just for 3 years then we'll move on." She muttered while tapping away,

"Sis... I'm tired of running! Why don't we just fight back? We have the power, you know it. I may not remember mum or dad but I know that they were high up in the demon rank. We've even had some demons come to us looking for help!"

"Shut up!" Nithya snapped, slamming her pen down on the table.
"Mum and Dad are gone! We can't fight them, no matter how strong we are! Don't push it futher Senka!" She got up and walked out the café. Just as she walked out the door the boy and her met eye contact for a split second but something passed between them.

Some things are just meant to be, yet some are just not. Nithya had learnt that the hard way, there was nothing that would get her to put Senka in danger. She knew what the angels we're capable of.

The End

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