November, 1849.

"Senka! Wake up!" Nithya shook her sister, urgently.

"Five more minutes," Senka murmured sleepily and swatted tiredly at Nithya.

"Senka! Please! They've found us! We have to move!" Senka sat bolt upright, instantly awake.

"What? How?"

"That doesn't matter right now, we just need to get out. Grab your sword," Nithya already had her bow in hand and her quiver on her back. Senka shot out of the bed and grabbed her sword in it's sheath.

"Where is Aunt Latrice?" Senka whispered as the two sisters ran quietly through the house. Nithya didn't answer. Senka shot her sister. "No!" she breathed but the look on her older sister's face confirmed it.

Aunt Latrice had gone to face them. The Hunters. Alone.

"She wanted me to get you and get out. She's buying us a little time," Nithya whispered.

Once they were outside, the two of them began sprinting. They leapt over the back garden wall and ran through the streets; too fast for human eyes. With their excellent senses, they could hear a fight in the distance. Senka glanced back but Nithya yanked her arm, forcing her to look forwards again.

They kept running for miles, not stopping until they'd reached the nearest city. They found an empty street and Senka sank to the ground; angry tears streaming down her face. She was sobbing loudly and muttering things under her breath. Nithya was crying silently. She sat down next to her little sister and wrapped her arms around Senka's shoulders, holding her tight.

Nithya had been eight when their parents died at the hands of the angels. Senka had been four and barely remembered it but they both knew that they had died trying to protect their daughters. Aunt Latrice had come and taken them away right under the Hunters' noses.

"Why? Why did she do it?!" Senka cried out suddenly, "She was all we had."

"Not true," Nithya muttered, soothingly, "We have each other." Senka's irrational anger dimmed a little but she was still a little mad. She knew that her Aunt's intentions had been good, but Senka had loved her Aunt Latrice, immensely, and going out to face Angels was practically suicide.

She was glad that Nithya was alive and safe, though, and if Aunt Latrice hadn't gone to fight then the chances were they'd both be dead. The thought of Nithya being dead was incomprehensible. Nithya was the deep-thinker and always knew what to do. Aunt Latrice had often taken Nithya's advice and it had always been good.

"What do we do now?" Senka asked.

"Hide amongst humans. We have no other choice," Nithya added, seeing Senka pull a face. They hated hiding among humans for many reasons. There were too many rules, they couldn't use magic, being women meant they were treated badly and humans loved hurting one another; not interfering was very hard.

Particularly for the Crossfire sisters.

The End

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