The thrilling tale of Frankie, the president of the Ogden Chapter of the Demon Dames Motorcycle Club who is trying to solve the murder of a lifelong friend, put her club on top, and keep a war from igniting in her little city.

Frankie smashed her cigarette and noticed her phone was ringing. It vibrated on the table.  “Hello,” Frankie said smoke billowing out of her mouth.  “Hey, Kiddo.  It’s Dad.  Zia Renata ain’t doing too good.  I just wanted you to know. You might want to think about coming back out here.”  Frankie stood up from the table and the gentle roar of the party at the Iron Skulls MC San Joaquin Valley clubhouse she was attending with her club, the Demon Dames Motorcycle Club, Fresno Chapter.

            She eyed the big garage door that was open, and she walked quickly outside into the balmy spring night.  Her dad made small talk about the weather as Frankie responded with, “Uh huh and yeah.”  A move by Frankie that was not lost on some of her club sisters, who kept an eye on her as she stood far from everyone.

            Frankie’s heart sank.  Her voice quivered a bit as she forced the words out.  “Dad, is she in the hospital?”  Her dad was silent for what seemed to Frankie an eternity.  “Yeah, she’s up at St. Ben’s.  She’s only got a couple of days left I think.”

“Okay, Dad.  I’ll make arrangements to come home for a bit,” Frankie said as she felt her stomach tighten up and that hot urge to let tears come spilling from her eyes.  She knew better, though.  Don’t show emotion or weakness.  Keep it to yourself, and stuff it down.  Just like when you were growing up. 

            A few of the sisters noticed Frankie struggling.  They quietly excused themselves and walked outside to the broken down tow truck she was leaning on.  These were the sisters that had migrated (at different times) to central California and they ended up in the same chapter, and it was well known that they all hung together in a tight little crew. 

            “I gotta go home,” Frankie managed.  “My aunt Renata is dying. I gotta go help my dad,” she finished. 

            “You’re not going alone,” assured Wings.  “Yeah, I’m going too,” replied Heavenly. 

            Wings then added, “Ya know, we want to go home too.”

            One of the ISMC brothers noticed Frankie and her crew outside and decided to go investigate.  Raven was a long time brother who grew up in the life like Frankie.  His long lean body sauntered out to them casually.  He took a long drag on his e-cig and the aroma of strawberry banana met the sisters before he did. 

            “So, what’s goin’ on?” he casually asked, his dull blue eyes darting around waiting for an answer.  The girls looked up at him and Frankie spoke.  

            She drew in a long breath.  “My aunt isn’t doing so good, Raven.  The cancer’s back and Pop said she’s in the hospital.  He wants me to come home,” she explained trying to hide her emotion. 

            “Oh, man.  That sucks, sis,” Raven said sympathetically as he took a long stride over to her.  “Yeah, it does,” Frankie said knowing Raven himself dealt with this in his own family.  He uncurled his long tattooed arm and gave her a big hug. 

            “Hey, we got your back on this.  Not just your dad, being a brother and all, but you too,” Raven said supportively.  “Thanks, bro.  Really, it does mean a lot to me,” Frankie said trying to mentally calm herself down. 

            Emotion was not something that Frankie was used to dealing with.  If it was out of sight, it was out of mind.  Feelings and emotions were messy, and messy was not something that Frankie tolerated in her life.  She could detach very easily, but when it came to her aunt, or the very few people she chose to let in, she was walking in uncharted territory.  Emotions weren’t something she could predict or plan for. They just happened. 

            Heavenly could see that Frankie was kind of done for the night.  Wings and Shades, the Prospect from Oakland, who was along for the weekend, concurred. 

            “C’mon, love.  Let’s get out of here,” Heavenly said as she motioned for Frankie, who was still holding on to Raven.  “Hey, little sis, I got your back,” Raven said again, making sure she heard.  “I know.  Thanks man.  Will ya tell Feather for me that I gotta split for the Zion Curtain for a bit?” Frankie asked.  “Yeah, no prob. I’ll let her know as soon as I get home,” Raven said. 

            Frankie, Heavenly, Wings, and Prospect Shades said their goodbyes to all of the Iron Skulls.  Big Jim, the San Joaquin President took Frankie aside.  “Hey, kid.  Raven filled me in.  Tell your dad hi and all the brothers from O Town I said hello.  And on a club level, If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.  We’re all here for you and your dad,” Big Jim said as he hugged Frankie. 

            Again, Frankie stuffed her emotions down, thanked Big Jim, and let him know she would send word as soon as she got back to Ogden. 

            The party ended unceremoniously, and Frankie and Heavenly putted slowly through the nearly abandoned streets of Clovis to their house on Scott Ave.  Frankie let out a huge sigh as she hit the garage door opener.  Heavenly pulled in next to Frankie’s immaculately restored bright red 1972 Blazer.  She looked back to see Frankie taking off her skid lid and throwing it against the fence where it cracked and split in half after bouncing off of the cinderblock fence.  

            Heavenly dismounted her Dyna and walked over to Frankie, who was lying on the tank of her purple Softail.  “Hey, sis,” Heavenly said quietly.  “We need to put your scoot in the garage,” she finished as Frankie sat up, tears streaming down her face.  “This sucks,” was about all Frankie could say as she hit the throttle and pulled her bike in next to Heavenly’s. 

            The short pipes reverberated through the garage and out onto the street.  Frankie cracked them again, and then shut the bike down.  “I’m going to bed.  I need to call the dealership in the morning and let them know I’m going to be leaving,” Frankie said absentmindedly as she walked into the house leaving Heavenly to retrieve what was left of Frankie’s helmet in the driveway. 

            The next morning was a blur. Frankie was running around trying to make arrangements to fly into Salt Lake City, which wasn’t looking so promising that day.  She found a light commercial flight that was going right into Ogden.  This would be really handy for her over the next six months. Heavenly sat quietly drinking coffee at the kitchen table watching Frankie explain the situation to the service manager at Winner’s Circle Chevrolet in Fresno.  He said he understood but he would really miss her, and actually offered to be a reference for her. 

            “Hey, sis, you need to go let the P know you’re leaving.  And that our timetable just got sped up,” Heavenly said, this time being the practical one. 

            Frankie turned around and nodded.  “Sorry, I was hoping for the beginning of the year, but maybe not,” Frankie said with a little bit of her sense of humor returning.  “Sorry I’ve been so snappy all morning.  Just stress about actually leaving and having to face that fact that the one person, outside of you guys, that really gives a shit about me is dying,” Frankie said matter of factly. 

            “Your dad loves you,” Heavenly said, considering her own situation.

            “Yeah, he does.  But he’s more like my stoned drunken uncle that isn’t surprised by anything I do.  You know Hook has been more of a father to me than my dad,” Frankie reminded. 

            Before Heavenly could respond, the heavy metal security door creaked open. “Hey, sisters!! Your asses up?” yelled Wings.

            “We’re in here,” Frankie yelled back. 

            Deep inside, Frankie was thankful she had friends to support her though this.

            Wings walked in and announced that she had just gotten off the phone with Shades, the prospect from Oakland.  This interested Frankie.  “Which one?, sorry I didn’t hear you,” she asked intrigued, hoping it was Prospect Shades, who had ties to Ogden, and to her long time friend, Cowgirl. 

            “Shades.  She wants to go back home, but wants to continue prospecting. She wants to join us,” Wings explained.  “We had a long talk last night after that party.  She’s in, and what’s even better, she’s damn near patched.  So, we would have another full patch to take with us.”

            “How much longer does she have?” Heavenly asked.  “A couple months at the worst,” Frankie figured.  “Maybe I should have the talk with the P before I go?” Frankie finished with a laugh, hoping the others would get the joke.

            “Um, yeah, talking the President of your club about leaving and starting a new chapter is kinda important,” Heavenly said with a smile.  “Uh, yeah!” Wings agreed.

            Frankie boarded a small aircraft bound for Ogden’s Hinkley Airport a few hours later, and would be drinking a beer in the Iron Skulls Ogden Chapter clubhouse by nightfall. 

            Her decision had been made.  Her aunt was tougher than everyone thought, and she lasted a few months, giving Frankie more time to work her angles.  She had hooked up with her old friend Cowgirl, while in town, who was Taz’s daughter, and ironically the Prospect’s niece.  And she managed to find a job spinning wrenches at John Wilson Chevrolet in Ogden.  It was part time, but that suited her just fine for right now.  Her hands were full with the care of her aunt and putting her new prospective chapter together. And her dad would constantly need her help at his custom hot rod shop, which Frankie figured would happen.  It kept her busy, but best of all, it kept her out of trouble and kept her focus on what she needed to be doing.

            Cowgirl was instantly interested, along with “Odd” a friend from high school who’s father left the Iron Skulls for retirement, and Debbie, a long time biker that was a total free spirit. Cowgirl said that she had been riding solid for a couple of months since she got her bike back and her kids were a bit older. Cowgirl happily reported that she had a pretty solid little crew that she rode informally with that definitely had an interest in a club.  They were Mouse, BeeBee, and Freckles, who were more than interested in looking for some action.

            Frankie was quite busy with preparations to come home.  She was riding around with Cowgirl, and the rest of the ladies while not caring for her aunt.  She had secured a house to move into nearby thanks to Hook, who just wanted to unload the house and stop renting it to douchebags.  So, he gave her a screaming deal on a small multi level house in Clinton, a small town in nearby Davis County.  Now if she could get rid of her house in Clovis, more loose ends would be tied up. 

            Wings was happy because the house she was taking over payments on was in the town of Roy, just three blocks away. 


Three weeks later…..


            Frankie loaded up the last duffel bag of her essentials into the back of her Blazer and hugged Wings, Heavenly, and the Demon Dames President, Sandra, goodbye. 

            The talk with Sandra had gone better than planned.  She was just as ambitious as Frankie and understood Frankie’s drive and determination. 

“I just want you to know I won’t let you down, Prez,” Frankie said as she stood up from the table.  “I know you won’t,” Sandra said as she stood to hug Frankie. “Love and Respect,” both Frankie and Sandra said in unison.  They both smiled.  Sandra felt like she was going to be sending her little sister out in to the world.  One that she had molded into a Demon Dame, and at the same time, Frankie was the one sister that could pull this off.  “And for the record, I’m giving the okay for Wings, Heavenly, and the prospect from Oakland with you.  Don’t worry about the Oakland chapter.  We made a nice trade.  You get the prospect, and I’m trading that old S and S Super B carb they need for their Shovelhead project bike,” Sandra said laughing.  “I think I got the better end of the deal,” Frankie said laughing.  Sandra was sad to lose Frankie as her Road Captain for the Fresno chapter.  But the blessing was given, so it was a go. Sandra stood like a proud mother letting her daughter go off into the world.  And she knew Frankie would not let her and the club down.

As Frankie left the meeting room, Sandra stopped her.  “By the way, your new bottom rockers will be sent to you as soon as you tell Crash what they need to say.  And I’ll give you a patch set for the prospect.  She can wear a West Coast rocker until you get yours. When you get back we’ll patch her in.”

“How about ‘Wasatch’?” Frankie offered. 

“What the hell does that mean?” Sandra asked sliding her glasses up onto her face again.

Frankie giggled, “Old Ute word for ‘frozen penis’.”

            “Oh, Jesus! Get the fuck out of here,” Sandra yelled trying to contain her laughter. 

            Shades was given the okay by both the Fresno and the Oakland chapter and would be patched in when Frankie got back to load up her possessions and put her house up for sale.

The End

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