Brussels Belgium

David noticed her in the lobby of the Centrale Hotel in the Sablon district of Brussels. She was leaning against the front desk. Both hands tapping a staccato on the counter as the desk clerk nervously flipped through a leather binder. "Madam I do not find a Ridgeway Logistics listed in the seminar" David noticed her French braided raven black hair. A gold hair clip perfectly centered on her mane. "Sir I believe you are mistaken. Mr. Ridge of Ridgeway Logistics sent me the e-mail telling me to meet him here. Would you look again please." David was at the desk waiting to check in. It had been a long noisy flight from New York, and he was tired. The Raven haired women had perked his interest. A nonchalant glance confirmed the women to be stunningly beautiful. "OH! Madam there is a Mr Ridge. He registered yesterday." " What room is Mr Ridge in please?"The clerk looked down busy typing something on the registry computer." I am sorry Madam I cannot give that information out without Mr Ridge's permission. David was now intent on this women's little saga. His favorite actress, Natalie Wood came to mind as he watched,trying not to draw her attention. Her voice had an almost masculine command yet soothing to his ear. " Please leave a message for Mr Ridge and tell him Gina  is in the lobby." Yes madam one moment. The desk clerk frowned as he punched the number to Mr Ridge's room. Raven hair took a glance towards David and gave him a frustrated look with a roll of her gorgeous eyes that matched  her raven colored hair. She had an accent, possibly Italian, David listened. "Madam, I am sorry but Mr Ridge is not answering, would you like me to leave a message for him to call you?" Yes please inform Mr Ridge that Ms Castrianno is here. I will wait in the lobby." Gina turned and walked towards a leather sofa to sit and wait. David fallowed her with his eyes noting her spectacular posterior. "Yes sir may I help you?" David checked in and was intent on the computer screen as the clerk  registered him in and handed him the swipe card. David casually walked over to the red leather sofa where Gina was reading  a magazine. He bent over and whispered to her. "Hi, He's in room 322. I overheard your conversation and caught a glimpse of  a "Ridge" in room 322 before the clerk checked me in. I hope that helps."

The End

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