Scent of Rose

Another One! David noticed it right away on the dash of the old Ford. "What the hell" It was already over 80 degrees in the Arizona sun and the petals were crisp and sparkled with due! "WHAT THE HELL," David openned the door and heard that familiar "Creak" as usual. The rose filled the cab of the 56 with it's smell. "WHAT THE HELL! "It was as if it had just been posed on the dash. Perfectly set so as to be seen under the steering wheel. David took a quick look around. No one. "How could I have

 The old 56 was only a few yards from his front door. David counted,"was it six now, nope it is seven,I forgot the one found on the piano laying across the keys center stage!" The" KatyDid" lounge was a three nite performance and David noticed it after the last break when He came back onstage to finish the gig. He remembered the cute blond who fallowed him home and assumed {Jill} ..."I think that was that her name"had placed it on the piano before the last set. She said she had left it as her "Introduction."The little lie came out the next morning when "Jill" threw him a bye bye kiss at the door and stepped on the stem as she exited the door. The due drops popped off the scarlet petals and onto her foot. She gave him an awkward glance and was gone."What the hell?" David examined the evidence of "Jills" fib. It was perfect in form, a deep crimson color. It was even cool to the touch! "What the hell!"  He could not fatham who or for that matter why an old Road Warrior piano man would find this "secret flora" in his path. David stuck two fingers in his shirt pocket hunting for a pack of ciggarettes. He had quit smoking ten years ago! He had  nursed the six roses in a old dusty flower vase he dug out. David carefully placed the seventh, making a special trip back from the truck to do so. "Why do they draw me in? I know there is some meening but what is it?" Roses should start to wilt after a few days he thought,but the crimson beauties look fresh as the day he found each. David always had a fondness for roses. He had left them out of his life because he was always on the road and hated to see a rose fade. He remembered her now. She loved her roses.



The End

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