Sarah's Little Freaks

"Sarah, you will not believe what I found at that crappy mall of yours earlier! It would look perfect on you!" A girl was yelling from outside and Jade lifted her eyebrows at Sarah.

Sarah rolled her eyes at Jade and whispered, "That would be Naomi. She has this shopping addiction and takes it out on me. That's one thing I wish I hadn't written her with." Jade stiffened. Great, more 'creations' of Sarah's. Jade heard a bark from outside and one of Sarah's dogs perked up its ears and started to wag her tail. A guy's voice drifted in, too.

"Did you grab the mayonaise?" Sarah stage shuddered and grimaced at the same time.

"Can't stand the stuff. That's probably why Brandon gets it," she told Jade. "Although, I do remember that you had a taste for it. That's one thing I had to change when I wrote about you: the food thing. I couldn't stand the thought of you only being able to drink blood. It'd get boring after a while. Sure it'd taste good to you but it wouldn't replace your favorites." Jade tuned her out until she heard Sarah say, "And now you're tuning me out because that's your coping mechanism for when you're hearing something you dont want to hear."

"I'm not ignoring you," Jade grumbled. The front door opened and Jade gasped.

Two more vamps walked into the house. Jade could tell they were vamps because of the way they walked. There was just this grace in their step and this aura around them. Plus, they didn't smell as appetizing as a human would've. The tall girl, Naomi, looked over at the couch and smiled at Jade. In her mind she thought, Hey, Jade. What's up? Jade blinked in surprise. Naomi giggled and spoke out loud this time, "Hey, Jade. Sorry if I freaked you out. I'm a Senser. I can tell when other vamps are coming around, whether they're Sarah's little freaks or anyone else's." She left the room and started heading to the kitchen while Jade tried to get her mind back in order.

The other one, Brandon presumably, smiled at her apologetically. "She gets like that all the time," he told her, "It gets annoying after a while but its nice to know when someone encroaches on your territory. Especially if they aren't the most friendliest to humans. Know what I mean?" He grinned and followed Naomi into the kitchen with his arms full of bags. Sarah didn't do her justice describing her online. God, she's beautiful.

Jade blinked in surprise again, it seemed to be her only muscles that would work. Didn't he know that-

As if she could read minds in turn, Naomi's thoughts answered Jade's unasked question, He doesn't know you can read minds. I didn't think he exactly needed to know. Plus, I can't wait to see your reactions to what he thinks. This should be good.

Jade shook her head and concentrated on what could be an actual reality: Sarah could've been telling the truth. Sarah smiled at Jade with a look that almost said 'I told you so.' And then, of course, Jade heard her thoughts, I tooooold you so. I'm right. It all really happened and Brandon and Naomi are just going to confirm it.

"Stop rubbing it in," Jade muttered.

The End

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