The Pen is Mightier

Jade sat at Sarah's kitchen table and listened to her story with increasingly growing disbelief. When she finished, Jade got up and paced back and forward through her kitchen, "Let me get this straight," she stopped pacing as she started talking and faced Sarah, "I'm just a figment of your freaking imagination?"

"Well," Sarah looked a little uncomfortable and it gave Jade a sick sense of accomplishment, "Not exactly a figment of my imagination. It's more like you existed already and I just brought you onto this plain."

"Yeah, because that sounds so much better." Jade stomped through Sarah's computer room and into her living room. She followed as Jade collapsed onto the couch and put her head in her hands. "This is crazy. You're insane!" That got Sarah a little angry.

"Insane am I?" she whispered. "Then how do I know you're a vampire? How do I know that you read minds and that you just came from Detroit where you drained a boy so that you could transform into a bat and fly up north? That you had been in Detroit for a whole week and already felt unsafe?" Jade felt as if Sarah was slapping her with every sentence. Jade didn't know how Sarah knew it all, but she knew Sarah's story wasn't true.

Sarah had been trying to tell Jade, for the better part of an hour, that she was a creation of Sarah's. That there was a website where everything written came true. Jade didn't even pay attention to the rest of it. Apparently there were rules and explanations and all that crap but Jade wasn't going to waste her time on that. She was created by a mother and then changed by someone who was too careless to drain all her blood and that was it. Sarah obviously wasn't either, being about 14 and a human, so she had not right to claim she created Jade.

Jade was about to leave, fed up with the girl and her lies, when a car horn beeped outside and Sarah sighed in relief. "Maybe Brandon and Naomi can convince you," she said as she pushed Jade back onto the couch.

The End

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