Confusion and Bemusement

Jade finally calmed down enough to sit upright without falling back onto her side. She felt safe with this girl; Jade hadn't felt safe in a long time. Besides, she was just really glad she didn't have to smell that stench anymore. Ugh, it had been that horrible.

Jade watched her own face wrinkle in disgust through the girl's, Sarah's, mind. Sarah was watching her and had her head tilted to the side in a pondering manner, although she had smirked when Jade had grimaced almost as if she knew what Jade was thinking in turn. Jade watched her train of thought for a couple of minutes before becoming more bored, and confused, with each passing second. Eventually, she gave up and laid down on the grass. It was wet with morning dew and the moistness felt good against her skin.

Jade distracted herself with the thoughts of the people around her, excluding Sarah, of course. The elderly woman next door was stirring and her forty-year old son who lived with her was already heading out to watch tv and probably drink a beer or two, by the look of his mind. Those girls down the street were still asleep and were having really very interesting dreams. Giant cookies eating Barney? Jade shook her head and moved on to the next house, laughing at the strange people who lived around her new friend.

"I don't suppose you realize how much you stink, do you?" Jade started and stared at the girl, Sarah dang it she had to start using her name, as she made a show of pinching her nose between her thumb and pointer finger. "I showered last night so you can come in now. Besides, Emily's over at Christin's and my parents are at work. You couldn't have come at a better time." She pushed herself off the ground and watched Jade. She made a motion with her hands and Jade finally realized she was serious. She really wanted her to come in the house and shower. Sarah made that motion again and gestured to the house. "C'mon, even a dirty blood-sucker needs a shower sometimes, don't they? Or at least new clothes."

"Blood-sucker?" Jade jumped up quicker than she meant to in her surprise. Laughing with a random stranger was one thing but having them know you're a vampire? Yeah, that didn't happen every day.

Sarah looked a little tired as she grabbed Jade's hand and started pulling her to the white house, "I'll explain everything after you've showered and eat-" she caught herself and quickly amended her mistake without missing a beat, "Ok, maybe not after you've eaten. That might make things a bit uncomfortable."

Jade started to slide her hand out of Sarah's when she just grabbed it harder. Now, Jade could've just yanked it away and left with no one the wiser, but for some reason she really wanted to hear the girl out.

'Oh well,' she thought to herself as Sarah pushed her through the back door, 'At least I'll be clean again.'

The End

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