Just to Laugh

Jade stopped, her teeth an inch from taking the girl's life. No, literally, if she moved an inch her teeth would pierce the girl's skin and she would die. Gives a whole to meaning to "an inch from death,' huh? Jade had to give the girl her props: she didn't flinch at all even though she seemed to know Jade was a vampire and really close to ending the frail life she had.

The girl just stared at Jade and, for a moment, all was silent. Her mind was a blank slate to Jade and her moving mouth made no sound. Jade didn't think the girl even knew what her mouth was saying. Then, all of a sudden, the peace ended.

"Oh my god, Jade, I can't believe I was so worried and then I thought but then you were and then I oh my god I can't believe you're here and! The girl stopped for breath and Jade suddenly noticed how foul the girl really smelled. Jade backed up and the girl smiled. "I didn't think you'd be able to do it. There must be some kind of guard against it. However, there was never a situation to test my theory out. Anyone who had the slightest thought of killing someone never comes around their writer."

Jade was tired, confused, and slightly bitter at this stranger who thought she knew things she didn't. "Just because I'm not eating you," she snapped back angrily, "doesn't mean anything. You smell bad. Really bad. That's it." The girl looked and then, without warning, broke into a grin and laughed. She shook her head and muttered something that sounded something like, 'Leave it to me.' Jade was tired of playing games with this girl. "What did you say?"

She laughed again. "I was just thinking out loud." Sure enough, the words popped up in her mind. The context made Jade even more bewildered. 'Leave it to me to make up someone so crabby.' "I am not crabby!" she barked. The two girls stood looking at each other when the girl lifted her eyebrows with the shadow of a smirk showing on her face. Jade couldn't help it.

They both started laughing at the same time and, somehow, ended up rolling around on the ground. The girl somehow managed to gasp enough breath to say, "Hey, Jade. The name's Sarah." She held out her hand all formally and Jade snickered as she grasped it. They looked at their hands, all proper in a business-like shake while they lay on the groud, and started laughing all over again. Jade felt happy around this girl, for whatever reason. And, besides: it felt great just to laugh.

The End

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