The Girl

Jade touched down lightly on the top of what used to be a tree. All the branches had been taken off of it and all that was left was the trunk. Apparently, someone was too lazy to actually take the rest down. She was still a bat and it was really getting to her. Maybe the person was now disabled and couldn't take the tree-thing down or was just too poor or maybe they were dead. She could've given them the benefit of the doubt but she was too crabby.

She was in the backyard of a house that looked unoccupied. At least, the lights were off and she couldn't hear the thoughts of anyone inside. Jade was usually cautious about where she made the change, especially back to human, but she was so tired she knew it wouldn't be too long before she dropped out of the air from exhaustion. This town wasn't one she'd been too thrilled to come back too but it was here she got tired. Only once in her fifteen-hundred years had she been here before and things just never seemed to change in places like this.

Jade fluttered down from the tree-like-thing and landed lightly on the ground. She started the transformation and, all of a sudden, heard the thoughts of a girl coming from the house. She had been so tired earlier that she had missed the girl's thoughts. Jade couldn't believe herself. However, there wasn't anything she could do until the transformation was complete.

Jade groaned inwardly. She read the girl's thoughts as she let her dogs outside. She didn't sound like such a bad person. Most of the time. Jade couldn't afford to take any chances though. Especially since the girl had just seen a half bat and half girl. All of the girl's thoughts were a whirl but they all centered around one thing, "No way."

Jade's transformation was finally complete; it had been a nerve racking thirty seconds. The girl was still standing there with her mouth open. Her thoughts were starting to become slightly coherent and Jade decided to act quickly. It was better if the girl's thoughts were incoherent. It made killing them easier.

The girl's dark brown hair flew in the breeze and the girl's scent drifted towards Jade. Seh didn't smell particularly appetizing, to tell the truth of the matter, but this was all about sacrifices. Jade was sacrificing a good meal for safety and the girl would sacrifice her life for Jade. Aw, how nice of her.

Jade got a headstart and started running across the lawn. She'd be nice and make it quick. The girl looked puny and weak so Jade didn't see her putting up any kind of fight. Jade leapt for the girl's throat when she was brought up short by one word.


The End

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