Time to Fly

Jade licked her lips and made sure she got every ounce of blood from her victim. She didn't want to feel the slightest bit of hunger on her way up north. That'd mean she wouldn't be able to concentrate until she fed and then she wouldn't be able to finish drinking out of the poor person she caught and Jade really hated waste. Besides, turning into a bat always took away more energy than she thought it should.

Jade carefully walked away from the dark alley she'd been in and tried no to be noticed. She didn't know how all the other vamps did. There she said it. Vampire. Jade was proud she'd even been able to think it, even though she shuddered while she did. It'd probably take her much longer to be able to say it out loud. She heard concerned thoughts emanating around her from all the males and a couple were even brave enough to think about giving her their coats. She knew they wouldn't but felt touched they thought about it.

Vampires, score two for Jade, naturally made people feel a little uncomfortable. Not the strongest sense of chivalry in any man could make him actually come over and talk to her. "I don't know why," she thought with a grin, "It's not like I bite." She found this hilarious and bit her bottom lip, trying to hide the hysterics that threatened to overwhelm her. Yep, the sooner she was out of here the sooner she could start flying and that'd calm her down. Shed been around people too long. The headaches were beginning again. She sat down on a bench and held her head in her hands. However, they weren't as bad as earlier. Another month of this and she might be able to start going out in public without wincing whenever she got close to people.

Jade sharply looked up and stared straight in the eyes of one particular guy who was braver than the rest. He had just been about to come over and talk to her. That was odd. Most people wouldn't come over to a complete stranger, especially not a vampire.

Of course, he smelled sort of familiar. She had seen him the other day, she was sure of it. He was the one who had just been broken up with.

Jade shivered, and not from the wind. She'd been here too long, she knew that now. She had to fly. Literally.

The End

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