Crimson Nights

Jade massaged her temples and clenched her teeth. This whole 'acclimating to her new abilities' thing was getting really old really fast. The old bookstare with no more than five people. That was alright. She even got a couple of books that were on sale. Walking down her old street in the middle of the night was still, eh, ok. She had a little head ache the next morning but nothing she couldn't handle. Although some of the things she heard in peoples' dreams may have scarred her for life.

This, however, was hell. A living version of hell on earth.

She was sitting at a table in the middle Twelve Oaks mall trying to act nonchalant as she sipped a strawberry smoothie. There were people all around her, thinking mindless, blathering thoughts. And even worse: it was Christmas season. Jade could've named off what every single little Johny and Susie living in the city of Detroit was getting for Christmas. And how much it cost. And that was just listening to the thoughts of the parents in the mall. Ugh. The teenagers were even worse! She likes him but he likes her who just took a chastity vow even though she really liked him and when Jade heard his thoughts.

Psh. Gay. Jade felt sorry for the girl.

'That's it,' Jade thought as she took off from the table. She was in such a hurry her hand pushed the glass she'd been drinking out of off the table. In a different time, this would've been extremely embarassing. The smoothie she hadn't managed to finished would've gone flying all over the place and people would've looked and, to top it all off, she probably would've fallen.

Jade did like this part of the little...change. She turned around and grabbed the cup before it had made its way off the table. No smoothie had even spilled. She smirked and carelessly tossed the cup into a trash can a couple table over. Jade didn't even have to look: she knew it had made it in.

"Time to leave, I do believe," Jade muttered as even as she winced at what she had said: rhyming. Ew. She tried to act blasé as she left the mall but the whole time she was itching to be off. Jade just needed a small, private space where no one would see her. Plus...

The now all-too-familiar craving hit her like a brick wall as she shoved herself through a tightly-packed line of people waiting for tickets to Twilight. She stopped as the irony of the situation hit her. Twilight. She shook her head and would've avoided giving in to the craving at that particular time if she hadn't really needed to feed.

She sighed but looked around for a suitable target. She didn't like picking people out of crowds like that but, hey, she had to eat. Back to the long-standing tradition!

"Eaney, meaney, miney, moe!"

The End

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