Crimson Layne And Eva.

Twelve year old Crimson Layne is the son of Scarlettra Pierce. His mother's been missing for two years, and His father, David, Ignores him.
How is this Half- vampire get by? Read to find out. :3

Crimson Blinked open his crimson eyes. "Woah." he said, sitting up. "Craziest dream i've ever had." he said. With that, he got out of the bed and decided what to wear. His father, of course, was gone. His mother was too. <Jeans and a t-shirt. Fine for today.> he thought. "Okay, where's my backpack.." he grabbed his blue backpack, stuffed papers in it, slipped on sneakers and raced out the door. He ran a pale hand through his blonde hair. the weird thing was, it had black tips that he couldn't get rid of. AT ALL. Red eyes, pale skin, And blonde hair with black tips, and fangs! He had it hard, but he didn't mind. He'd just listen to his mother's singing and get by. His dad would come home after he fell asleep, and leave before he woke. He was beginning to think his father didn't even exist. But he knew he did, because he had his father's Red eyes. <Hmph.> he thought before walking into the school. His regular bullies where gone, or in the classroom already.Suddenly, all he felt was a sharp pain in his side.

"Hey! Leave him alone." A Voice was heard. Eva.

The girl of Crimson's dreams.

The End

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