Chapter Six: Delving A Little Deeper (II)

Let me tell you something - it didn't get better. It bit.

Not only was my natural Scottish accent a source of mockery in my new school, but I had managed to attract the attention of absolutely no one. I had zero friends, unless the cats that sat near my feet at lunch time spent under the shade of the trees counted. It was like my life had suddenly transformed into something out of a dramatic musical - one second, I was on top of a mountain, singing and proclaiming my love for life and the next, I was at the bottom of it having nothing on me but the weight of self-detestation.

I wonder where I was in that metaphorical picture now, after my parents had informed me a month and a half ago that we'd be moving to the States. A whole new country, even farther away from Scotland. I'd gladly make the London-scene the happiest moment in my life after experiencing the strong negative reaction I'd had to their news. 

Now here I am, sat outside my very own 'home' with no key. The one good thing that had happened since I'd arrived in this land of weird foreigners was that diary. I had access to a girl's diary for crying out loud. And not just a normal girl. This 'Maria' sounds like she has an important story to tell. But being an absolute dunderhead, I'd managed to sabotage my chances of making good use of after-school time to read it.

Oh, and of course the universe. It really hated me too.

The End

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