Chapter Six: Delving A Little Deeper (I)

You know that feeling when you're trying to achieve something with all the passion that your heart and soul could possibly muster only to have the universe thwart your every attempt to get there? Yeah. It blows.

The second the group had given me a little insight into Maria and Rachelle's story, I craved to know more. I could feel a part of my soul just float up and out of my body, point at my living form and laugh. Why? Because I was getting excited over something that really didn't concern me at all. Because I had speed-walked all the way home, forming a cramp or two in my legs because of said excitement. And now, I was cursing the fact that I had lost my house key on the first day of school.

That's right. I had no way to enter my own freakin' house. I wasn't frustrated about the fact that I was potentially locked out of my own home for the rest of the day until my parents arrived home. I wasn't even worried that I had left my mobile home (being the idiot I was) and had no idea what their numbers were off the top of my head. I was getting riled up over the fact that I didn't have access to that diary yet.

Normal behavior for an eighteen year old guy? I think not.

Staring at the spilled out contents of my back-pack spread across the front porch, I let out a loud sigh and sat down in resignation. Why must the universe hate me so much to torment me like this? This was the second move in my life, and I thought the last had been the worst. When mom and dad told me we were moving to London, I was torn. Glasgow was my home. It was where I'd grown up. All my childhood memories re-traced to that place. I'd just entered middle school (in American terms) and was starting to get popular as well. After all, that's all I cared about then. Popularity. Then boom - 'we're moving to London.'

'It won't be so bad', they said. 'You'll make new friends. We're still in the UK after all,' they said. Then why had it felt like they'd just reached into my body, grabbed my heart with an iron fist and yanked it out with no regards to my feelings on the matter?

The End

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