Chapter Five: Rumors (I)

Eyes wandered over to me as I walked coolly into the school halls, trying to keep away from most of the people around me who were whispering, gaze glued onto the ‘new boy’. A group of girls huddled in a corner giggled when I passed by and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes to myself. And so it begins…high school drama.

Looking down at the map I held in my hands, I squinted at the thin lines that were supposed to lead me to my homeroom class. The steps I took were of uncertainty as I had no real clue of where I was going. The more I walked on, the more strangers I passed. All of them seemed to be fixating on me which deeply annoyed me. But what could they do if I was the new talk of the town?

“So I’m supposed to turn left here and then I should see the door to the classroom,” I mumbled to myself, following my instructions. And as predicted, I was met by the sight of a wooden door with a plate on it reading: Homeroom 5. Yes. I was here.

My hand wrapped itself around the metal doorknob and without a single thought to hold me back, I opened the door and stepped inside. The first thing I heard was the chatter of the few students that were already part of the class but their voices toned down the moment I entered.

Four eyes on me: one pair belonging to a girl (who seemed to be feasting on my very sight) while the other three were those of boys who had a smile on their faces.

“Are you James?” The blonde boy asked. I nodded slowly, closing the door to the classroom behind me. “I’m Leonardo, but you can call me Leo,” he said with a smile, sliding off the surface of the desk that he sat upon. He crossed the gap, his hand reached out before him as he expected a shake from my own. Sighing inwardly, I forced a smile and we had a good and ‘manly’ shake.

“And that’s Makayla, my girlfriend,” he beckoned to the girl who grinned, flashing an attractive set of white teeth. “And the two boys behind me (who I warn you about in advance) are Alex and Adrian.”

They gave me a welcoming wave, and I didn’t know who was who but waved back awkwardly nonetheless. Turning to Leonardo, I asked suspiciously, “How did you know I was coming?”

He grinned smartly. “I always do. Just as I did in The Sparkle Toofus.”


“Nothing,” he laughed, patting me on the shoulder and led me back to the seats but not before exchanging a secret smile with Makayla. What a weird guy.

The End

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